In this video we do an exercise to help you see how this may be showing up in your business and decide if that’s something you want to change.
Ways that I’ve seen burying feelings show up in my own experience and for my clients include judging oneself, being up in your head, and numbing oneself by overworking, overeating, overdrinking or other unhealthy habits. When my clients have allowed themselves to feel the sadness, hurt, anger or conflict within them, it’s given them the courage and confidence to set boundaries, express themselves freely and honestly, be authentically seen and heard, and go for their desires.
Take a look at what you wrote down on both sides of your chart.
In what ways could you embrace all your feelings going forward?
How would that make a difference in the way you lead your business and life?
As a lightworker with a big mission focused on helping your clients transmute darkness into light, how might embracing their negative feelings make a difference for them? I’d love for you to post in the comments below.
When you are able to embrace your negative emotions and use them to expand the edges of your comfort zone, you empower yourself. You inspire others to do the same.
We learn to make friends with all our feelings and dismantle the powerful, yet the hazardous belief that stuffing our emotions protects us and makes us strong.
⚠ This content is NOT psychotherapy and is not a substitute for psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment.
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