How do you communicate life-altering ideas and solutions confidently, powerfully and persuasively in the loudest, most distracted marketplace in human history?

In today’s “flash-in-the-pan, look-at-me” world, people are hungrier than ever to connect on a deeper level and do business with someone who is real, someone who makes them feel seen and heard, someone who gets them.

My job is to make that someone YOU.

I’m Gayle Nowak, founder and CEO of The Story Stylist, a marketing consulting company that turns transformational business owners into powerful, bold and trusted leaders. My clients include movers, shakers and decision-makers in multinational companies, million-dollar holistic practices, and one-person brands. If that’s you, then I want to help you turn your excellence into a cohesive story and strategy that positions you as a trusted expert. 


So that you can positively impact more people, make more money and stop grinding yourself to the bone.

Gayle Nowak in sunglassess

I’ve spent most of my life digging for, crafting and promoting people's best stories.

Stories that sell . . . whether it’s selling companies, services, ideas or individuals. As a former journalist and award-winning publicist, I wrote about everyday people, Olympians, and business leaders; I placed clients on The Oprah Show, in The New York Times and other national media.

I even got to work with celebrity spokespeople including TV Anchor Jane Pauley (that’s us in the photo below), This Old House personality Steve Thomas and American Idol finalist Kevin Covais. 

In recent years, I’ve written for TEDEd, Founderswire, Business Innovators Magazine, and Small Business Trendsetters. I've been quoted on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Boston Herald, Reputation Management, and Tech Cocktail. I've also appeared on numerous podcasts and been featured in Beverly Citizen, Boston Voyager, and Marblehead Reporter.

Yet it would take the denial of my own transformational story and gifts to break me down, and the owning of them decades later, to build me back up again (learn more about that here).

Sure, I’ve got the training, the chops, the accolades . . .

I’ve also got the thing that may matter most to you. I know in my core just how freakin’ scary it can be to share the trauma and the triumphs that make you so memorably, uniquely you.

The clients I’ve worked with command higher fees, have a backlog of new business, land high-profile interviews and speaking gigs, raise capital and broker partnerships with industry influencers, become bestselling authors, and grow into leading experts in their field.

Why not you too?

Gayle Nowak with Jane Pauley


Wendy Sabin

CEO of

You know how to make me sound as powerful and influential as I feel. I feel so confident about my point of view – even the controversial parts – that I delivered my message and story during a panel session in front of 900 conference attendees. I was calm, compelling and lined up follow up conversations with with people I may not have been able to access otherwise (including a high-level executive of a big corporation). I could never have done this without you.

Peg Kusner

Owner and Principal Designer of Peg Kusner Design

My business had been in the planning stage for far too long.  I just couldn’t get to “launch”… until I met Gayle. She’s been my navigational beacon, keeping me clearly, but gently, focused and on-track.  Her ability to see through distractions and get to the heart of matters with laser-like focus is uncanny. She has a true gift for systems, working with me to create a step-by-step business & marketing plan to reach my goals. Thanks to Gayle, I’m confidently on track to launching the business of my dreams!

Chris Booth

Founder and Principal, Christopher J Booth Consulting

After working for more than 30 years in industry and professional services, I excelled at meeting clients' needs but lost site of the kind of work I am passionate about. When I heard that Gayle could help me rediscover my story, our collaboration began immediately. Working with Gayle uncovered some long buried elements of who I am as a professional consultant and energized me to improve my focus on what I offer my clients, which clients I pursue and the marketing strategy behind it.

Leise Jones

Owner and Principal Photographer, Leise Jones Photography

I had never dug deep into figuring out my story and wasn't sure that I even had a story worth telling! Gayle helped me figure out the story of my business and what makes me unique, as well as how to feel confident about sharing my story with prospective clients. The work we did together helped me re-position my brand, update my marketing materials and rewrite my website (most importantly my About page). It's helped me connect better, bring in more clients, and grow my business. If you are looking to up your marketing mojo, I highly recommend Gayle.

Jeannine O'Neill

Founder and Email Marketing Strategist, JO Social Branding

I'm so impressed with the results I got last year from working with you on developing and sharing my story (4x my business, media interviews). Now I'm so ready to implement these amazing changes from our marketing intensive!

Denise Costello, RN, MS

Founder, The Energized Body & Nutrition Coach, Chrysalis Center

Now I have this succinct message that I can communicate over and over in a way that’s engaging for my audience and shines a light on what makes me stand out from other wellness businesses. Instead of getting overwhelmed with figuring out what pieces of my background to share, I use my story to help my audience envision what’s possible for them and how I can help them get there. That’s a huge selling point!

Jan Hunter Symosek

Founder & President, Hunter + Co Communications

I have worked with Gayle on several high-profile public relations projects/accounts and every time she has brought a winning attitude, superior branding skills, and great professionalism to the table. I highly recommend her.


Matt Marshall

Managing Member & Principal, Just be . . . Consulting

Gayle has been my "rock", competently and efficiently managing and writing new business and marketing projects and materials. She is one of the strongest and most versatile writers I have encountered in my career. You will benefit from her passion, expertise, attention to detail and caring.

Michelle Barry Franco

Speaking & Messaging Expert,

I now have a signature story that resonates powerfully with my audience and has a very clear business outcome. Gayle’s laser focus on how story turns into real, measurable results is exactly what I was looking for. Not only do I have my signature story, I have many stories I can use for blogging, email, articles and talks. Gayle is a master.


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