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We’re talking about visibility and vulnerability today.

Specifically as it applies to building your platform and growing your business.

As an entrepreneurial lightworker, messenger and healer, you know you’ve got to spread the word about your business.

And yet you sometimes, maybe often, find yourself putting off creating your next video, experiencing writer’s block, or avoiding reaching out to event planner, podcast hosts and the media to book interviews.

I’ve had this happen a few times over the last several years of my business and I’ve seen it happen to numerous successful entrepreneurs, published authors, sought-out speakers and master healers — not just new entrepreneurs, authors and speakers.

I’ve also seen it come up with clients who have already gone through some form of healing and transformation.

Like Barb, a health coach, who had overcome her weightloss and health struggles. Excited about her transformation, and healing her wounds around that struggle, she was passionate about helping women like her do the same.

When she signed up for my Tell to Sell Story Program, she was trying to write a book about her wellness journey. She’d taken a course and had gone to a writer’s retreat but still felt blocked when it came time to put her pen to paper.

She signed up for my program seeking the steps, framework and strategy to find and powerfully tell her core story, but the real magic for Barb came from not just exploring and writing about what happened to her throughout her journey but the deeper emotional impacts of what happened to her. She was able to do this with a guide and group that witnessed and heard her without judgment.

I believe her writer’s block had very little, if anything, to do with not knowing how to write or tell a story AND much more to do with the fears that we all have sometimes about revealing our true experiences along with our feelings about and the impact of those experiences.

That’s a vulnerable place — especially if you’ve experienced times in your life when you shared feelings and truths that have been judged or swept under the rug

After completing the program, Bard was able to draft her book in a weekend, and within a month she was running wellness workshops for women to help them transform their bodies and lives. Her fear shifted into purpose and the procrastination shifted into meaningful action.

Sometimes our visibility wounds show up when we’re creating. Sometimes they show up when we’re promoting. They even show up when our business is going the way we thought we wanted it to go.

If you’re wondering if this is going on for you, here’s what it might look like . . .

  • You’ve written a book and you’re not excited about promoting it OR you’ve stopped promoting it altogether
  • Your new content didn’t get the response you’d hoped for and you’re scrambling to figure out and fix what you did wrong
  • You have big work that you want to put out into the world, but you keep hitting roadblocks and stalling.
  • People are actually wanting to give you money to work with you but you avoid inviting them to have a sales conversation with you

If you’re experiencing resistance around being visible, even if you’re no stranger to visibility, first I want you to know that you’re normal. Everyone has experienced being visible and feeling vulnerable about it . . .

And your childhood, whether it was a tough one or a loving one, most likely holds a clue that will help you break through that pattern.

I’ll be sharing more on that in my next video.

For now though, if you see yourself in these behaviors and they’re bogging you down in your business, then take some time to reflect today

If you’re sitting and you’ve been working for a bit, stand up and shake your body.

Close your eyes.

Take a few deep breaths.

Imagine there’s a ball of light in your head.

Now focus on moving that ball of light into the center of your heart.

Keep your attention there for a moment.

Now ask yourself

  • When was the first time I put myself out there?
  • What happened when I did that?
  • How did that experience make me feel?
  • What did I believe about myself because of those feelings?

Write down your answers.

What you see or understand about that experience that you have not seen or understood before?

Write that down too.

If you’d like to share, I invite you to leave a comment below.


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