A 75-Minute Private Visibility Block Clearing Session For Accomplished, Transformational New Earth Leaders & LightWorkers (Authors, Coaches, Healers, Speakers, Spiritual Guides)


You are a pioneer, visionary and leader ...

You are a pioneer, visionary and leader creating the New Earth. You didn’t come here to hide in the shadows and you’ve actualized multiple levels of impact already. Yet when it comes to expanding into unchartered spaces, you feel raw and vulnerable in the face of opposition.

And that’s when doubt and inertia threatens to defer your destiny.

This isn't stage fright. You've been on stages all over the country, perhaps the world. So what if the doubt and discomfort you’re experiencing is an invitation to rise into being seen, heard and received in new ways?

If that rings true for you, I invite you to

Join me for a . . .


Visibility blocks can hide out in your energy field, interfering with your present reality and results despite your amazing marketing strategy, messaging and positivity. During this 75-minute 1-to-1 session, identify the energy of past experiences and beliefs that you’ve built around being seen, heard and vulnerable. Tap into today's Truth and a new possibility as you tune into the next best step toward making your vision reality with greater impact.

On the first part of the call, we review a brief questionnaire that you complete before our session. You will look within and get clear about what matters most to you at this time and the impact of not having the result you desire. 

During the second part of the call, with Source working through us (whether you believe in that or not), I will guide you to locate the active energy pattern that your visibility opportunities and activities have triggered for healing.

At the end of the call, you will tune into what, if any, action you want to take to change the way you want to BE visible moving forward.


  • Access the deeper wisdom, self-compassion and Divine Truth already within you
  • Identify stagnant and blocked energy interfering with your results
  • Be with your present desire, circumstances, results, thoughts and feelings
  • Reveal a new possibility that previously felt hidden and out of reach
  • Intentionally decide what, if anything, you are ready to change at this time


  • Pre-call review of your questionnaire in which I reflect upon your answers and begin to intuitively feel into the energy of your specific situation. Please note that when you book your call, you are granting me permission to tune into this energy. Do not book a call with me if the way I work does not feel like a fit for you. 
  • Personalized and non-judgmental container of support as you give yourself space for your voice and vision.
  • Live 1-to-1 phone or Zoom session (up to 75 minutes) to explore the energy pattern keeping you from how you want to show up, impact others and influence your results. This involves your full participation in frank conversation, honest reflection and a touch of magic. 
  • Recording of the call so you can revisit what you experienced. The more you listen the more you feel what it would be like to fulfill your desire to change people’s lives right now.

Space is Limited. Book Your Session Now . . .


Investment: $500 (normally $1000)

Booking your session means you agree . . .

  • This is a PAID session, not a free discovery call.  If, after reviewing your questionnaire, it’s clear that this session is not a great fit for one or both of us, I will refund your money. No refunds for cancellations or no-shows. 
  • I only take up to three calls per week, and I schedule them in the order I receive them. 
  • While we may explore if it’s a fit for us to continue working together after this session, you are under no-obligation to do so. Should you decide to continue working with me, this fee will be credited to your program.

Gayle Nowak

Visibility Sage for New Earth Entrepreneurs + Leaders

Hi, I'm Gayle, Visibility Sage and creator of Sage SensationTM Retreats. As a certified SourcedTM leader and retreat master, I believe that the entrepreneurial journey is a healing journey.

When we New Earth wayshowers, visionaries, pioneers and healers feel safe, loved and free to trust the wisdom of our heart, we are dauntless. We make energetically clear decisions that help us personally, as well as collectively, rise into a new reality no matter what unfolds along the way. When we dare to listen to our hearts, we create a loving, free and extraordinary world.

It's my mission to model and facilitate self-healing, energy shifts and heart leadership. I love to deliver this transformational magic through private and small group retreats where you feel fully seen and embraced without judgment, safe to drop into your heart, and receptive to the next levels of healing, compassion and wisdom that support you in being your most powerful self.

Together, we meet and love up the light in your shadow, nurture the truth in your heart and reclaim your soul power so you can make your vision and legacy a reality.

You invited me to a place where I didn’t have to pretend. I had the space to hear myself. To drop into my body and heart, and check in at a deep level. Having you witness, hold and reflect back to me was a necessary part of the embodiment process. I was able to give myself permission to speak my heart and mind, trusting that the only person who needs to approve of it is me. That’s when the cork popped out and I was back in harmonious flow . . .You can’t put a price on that!

–  Monica Rodgers, Host of The Revelation Project Podcast + Co-founder of Revelation Media LLC

Thank you for your guidance. With the wisdom and guidance that came through today, I am going to have a profound and profitable retreat.

–  Debra O'Brien, Author of Bliss Behind the Mask and The End of the Beginning, Self-Love Coach & Creator of Bliss Full Self-Discovery


You helped me put the energy back in it's proper place.

–  Veronica Wirth, Founder of EvolvativeTM & The Athena MatrixTM