Helping Spirit-Led Coaches & Healers Create Authentic, Healthy Business Relationships Without Hiding or Silencing Themselves


Uncover the Leadership Blindspot in Your Coaching Business & Wellness Mission!



You are on a mission to elevate collective consciousness, challenge outdated beliefs and change old paradigms. Your business is all about transformation for the highest good. Clients who work with you, achieve deep and lasting change. You have a clear vision and passion to help people, yet the brighter you shine your light and stand strong in your sacred truth the more obstacles appear to knock you off your path. Need support as you navigate and transcend these trials?

Available for emerging and established spirit-led coaches, healers, and spiritual entrepreneurs.



You’re an author, speaker or retreat leader with a powerful story, unique perspective and inspiring movement. You’ve honed your craft, and you are recognized for your work. Now you want to write and/or talk about things other people aren't willing to talk about. Perhaps you're being called to expand your reach beyond like-minded audiences. This next level of leadership and visibility is triggering your childhood wounds. Ready to heal them and impact more lives?

Available for spirit-led coaches and healers who are published authors and/or experienced speakers.

My 9-Step System for Creating Healthy Relationships That Change You, Your Business & The World

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Are you ready to Embrace, Embody & Express Your True Self?

Hi! I’m Gayle Nowak, and I'm on a mission to redefine leadership. I'm passionate about guiding spirit-led coaches and healers to create authentic, healthy business relationships without hiding or silencing themselves so they can communicate boldly, lead lovingly, and collectively create the new Earth.


First, we get clear about what fires you up, connecting you with your true heart's desire. Then we take an honest look at where you are out of alignment with this soul-level Truth.

I create a safe and expansive space of compassion, love and strategy backed by a proven transformational framework so you can release what's standing in the way of rich, authentic business relationships with your audience, clients, collaborators and team.

Ready to reveal your True Self, develop your authentic voice, and elevate your leadership? Let's talk!


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Success Stories

Wendy Sabin

Wendy Sabin

Wealth Leadership Expert, CEO of

"You know how to make me sound as powerful and influential as I feel. I feel so confident about my point of view – even the controversial parts – that I delivered my message during a panel session in front of 900 conference attendees. I was calm, compelling and lined up follow up conversations with people I may not have been able to access otherwise (including a high-level executive of a big corporation). I could never have done this without you."


Peg Kusner

Interior Designer,  Owner & Principal Designer of

"Gayle has been my navigational beacon, keeping me clearly, but gently, focused and on-track.  Her ability to see through distractions and get to the heart of matters with laser-like focus is uncanny. She has a true gift . . . working with me to create a step-by-step business & marketing strategy to reach my goals. Thanks to Gayle, I’m confidently on track to growing the business of my dreams!"


Dr. Tom Harvey

President, Leader Vitality, LLC

"Before working with Gayle, I was overwhelmed with a key market research project and I felt unsure about where I wanted to take my business. Thanks to the advice, accountability, messaging expertise and strategic counsel Gayle provided, I was able to finalize and launch my new Leader Vitality survey report. She has helped me refine and simplify my my business model and marketing strategy, as well as assist in the development of a laser-focused marketing plan and first-rate marketing assets. I'm excited and energized about my business as a result of this clarity and focus. Gayle's collaboration with me and my team on this business and marketing foundation has given me the motivation, clarity and tools to sign on two new high-end clients in a matter of months and double my income compared to the previous year."

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