Have you ever “done all the things” to market your business only to find no one seems to notice?

  • You consistently post on social media yet you get very little action beyond hearts and thumbs up.
  • You go to networking events and people gravitate toward you. They seem to be interested in learning more about you, then they vanish once you’re out of sight.
  • You notice the same people signing up for any free support you offer, yet they never commit to your paid offerings.
  • When you speak at events, people stand in line to thank you. They gush about how thought-provoking your presentation was, but they don’t say YES to making those thought-provoking changes.

It’s normal to experience any and all of these examples on occasion and sometimes fine-tuning your marketing may be the only solution you need to get the results you desire.

But when you regularly feel like everyone around you is ignoring you, that’s a matter that calls for a deep-end solution that goes beyond strategy and mindset.

Overlooked Despite Your Best Intentions and Efforts

I often see healers, light-workers, New Earth business owners and leaders who yearn to be seen, yet feel overlooked and diminished despite their best intentions and efforts.

It can be frustrating, exhausting and disheartening.

Unwanted invisibility can erode your confidence, harden your heart and diminish your impact.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Diving Deeper Than Strategy

If you’re going to claim your space, it’s essential to break through false beliefs like, “people don’t pay attention to me,” and old wounds from childhood, generational, or even karmic experiences where being seen was dangerous. Or, after trying and failing time and again, you no longer bother.

When you clear these blocks and heal your invisibility, the way you show up not only feels safe, it feels expansive. The energy you embody commands the room. You learn to trust in the potency of your presence, regardless of the situation and how people respond to you or not.

What is this bringing up for you when you think about asserting your presence as a leader who speaks from your heart and leans in with your soul? What’s possible for you and others when you claim space for yourself and others with clarity, confidence and conviction.

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