In yesterday’s video I talked about claiming space and feeling invisible.

Today we’re exploring why we may feel invisible in our business and life. Often it connects to our lived experiences, in particular those in which we feel rejected by friends, family or society. We may have been bullied. We may have been shunned for our beliefs. Racial, gender, religious or cultural stereotypes may have left us feeling overlooked. Shyness may have kept us on the sidelines. We may have even become invisible as a coping mechanism for emotional neglect or abuse.

The good news?

Whatever caused you to feel invisible is likely not your fault, however those feelings won’t change unless you change your approach. Watch the video to hear about one of my experiences in which I felt invisible early in my career and what I did to claim space and begin to heal my own invisibility.

What are you hearing in my story? How might this relate to you?

I invite you to share in comments.

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