The more visible we are the more that benefits our business.

A key aspect of visibility is intentionally working on your personal magnetism.

That can look like the tangible aspects of visibility such as:

  • Your message
  • The way you physically present yourself in the world
  • How you speak

Today we’re talking the internal, energetic pieces, as in, the way that you are being. The way you are taking up space and the way that you’re just naturally attracting opportunities to you.

How do you know when your personal magnetism is switched on?

Last fall, I started to notice a shift where things started to show up and fall into place. For example, on the last morning of my Bold Heart Visibility Retreat, I wanted to get a jump start on loading up whatever materials I could in my car.

I was in Providence, Rhode Island and there’s no parking at the hotel. My car had been valeted in a parking garage so that last morning I knew I was going to need the valet to retrieve my car. When I got to the valet area, my car is already there. I probably wouldn’t have thought much of it except I’d already experienced a series of events like that leading up to the retreat. I knew that something had shifted with my energy when I would think about things, then they’d show up. So instant manifestation is a sign that you are increasing your personal magnetism.

Instant information, invitations and manifestations

Another sign of this is when information just starts to come to you out of the blue. Maybe you have an idea for something new that you want to put out into the world but you’re not quite sure you know which way to go with it. Maybe it’s still forming up in your own mind. Then, suddenly information comes to give you structure. It inspires you in some way or confirms or validates that you’re on the right track.

We’ve got instant manifestation, information out of the blue and another thing that you might notice is invitations and introductions. You meet someone, you hit it off and you’re vibing with each other. The other person says I’d really like to introduce you to this person. They become a client or collaborator. They help you boost your visibility. Again, it seemingly comes out of nowhere.

It’s easier (and enjoyable) to be visible

Finally, you’ll know your magnetism is turned on and that your consistent visibility efforts are working for you when all of a sudden you’re getting invitations more invitations invitations to speak invitations to be introduced to other people invitations to collaborate and this is with people you know as well as people you don’t know. When strangers are starting to reach out to you and they want you to speak to at their event or they want you to come onto your to their podcast or their TV show or they’re wanting you to maybe do a session at a retreat that they’re doing or for a coaching program.

When you start to see this pattern, that’s a sign that your personal magnetism has upleveled. Combining that with consistent visibility efforts that you are doing now suddenly start to feel lighter. This is where momentum happens this is where your visibility shifts from oh this is a thing that I know I have to do to what are the things that I’m doing that actually feel fairly easy for me, I don’t mind doing or I feel excited about doing.

That’s when you want to focus on what you can do to boost and enhance your magnetism to gain more momentum and make visibility feel easier, lighter and more fun.

Intentionally working on your personal magnetism is mostly an internal practice that varies from person to person. I’ll talk more about that in another video. I’ll also talk about what happens when all of these opportunities start flooding into your experience and how to discern what is and isn’t a fit for you.

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