I noticed some old perfectionist patterns coming up as I prepared for my most recent visibility opportunity and chose to prepare from a completely different energy. You have the power to transform and transmute your default visibility patterns and fears into a higher vibration.

Moving Through Visibility Patterns + Fears


This is the outcome after letting go of the need for perfection and shifting into a more present and connected energy for this interview with Rose Tenaglia Dunn, host of the Eaarth Feels podcast. Grateful for  this opportunity to walk my walk and talk my talk ❤

Feeling hesitant, anxious, or even terrified about your next podcast or speaking opportunity?

Your wounding may be getting in the way. I invite you to apply for a Bold Heart Visibility Breakthrough Session where you will get clear about what you truly desire in your business, what’s holding you back from having it and whether now is the time for you to commit to a new experience and result.

New Label announcing changes to Bold Heart Visibility Breakthrough Sessions

The high-value, 60-minute Bold Heart Visibility Breakthrough Session is complimentary for the rest of 2021. Major clarity, healing and shifts happen on these calls. Beginning Jan 1, 2022, I’m requiring a non-refundable deposit of $100 to book your call. If you commit to continuing working together, your deposit will be applied to your program. If you want to grab a complimentary session before the end of the year, apply for yours here

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