You may not know this but within each of us is a vulnerable inner child waiting to be heard, held and seen. One of the things I’ve learned through my own journey and from supporting 100s of entrepreneurs connect to the full power of their work is that our wounded inner child can hinder us and our business WHEN we don’t accept, acknowledge and assure that inner child.

Here’s an example.

If you’re client ignored a physical wound for years, it would leave a scar. When they neglect internal wounds the emotional scar shows up in their energetic field and impact all areas of their life. While your clients are in charge of reconnecting to their inner child, as a high-vibe, conscious, transformational entrepreneur YOU are the guide for opening them up to transformation — no matter how you work with clients.

One of the ways this shows up in business is when a client backs out from a commitment or a sales call goes awry or no one shows up to a talk or signs up for a workshop Your client feels defeated, helpless, angry, sad, afraid . . . When you’re client is experiencing that cry, that pain from deep within their heart, that’s connected to inner child wounds which are typically connected to actual wounds and paine in childhood. BUT your client may actually react to negative feelings like fear, shame and hurt by avoidance and anger. They may even take it out on you and pull back in their work with you as a result.

This happens all day, every day across all areas of life, So how can we as conscious leaders be present with our clients, not make their pain our pain, and create opportunities for them to have awareness of and connection with their inner child, and support them as they heal that childhood wound?

Whether it’s through coaching, energy work, meditation, therapy or whatever your soulful, purposeful work is . . . That’s the question I’m bringing to you today. Because those triggers are intentionally coming up for your clients so that they can be released in order to make space for progress & greater results in their business.

The other piece of this is — what about you? Remember at the start of this I said we ALL have an inner child. Yet not everyone is aware of that or knows the importance of connecting with him or her. In order for you to support your clients when their inner child wounding comes up, you NEED to be doing your own inner work to accept, acknowledge, heal and release those negative feelings and energies.


For one, holding onto negativity blocks our own abundance. Secondly, it’s much harder to be present and supportive of our clients if we are not doing it for ourselves. So if we ALL embraced our wounded inner child, how would that change your life today? How would that change the work and the results that you get with your clients for the rest of this year? How would that propel you toward turning your big vision into reality over the next year or two? Embracing our wounded inner child is often key to transforming the frustration, fear, and setbacks that inevitably come up as we lead our business.

When you trust that the triggers you and your clients experience in business are FOR you and your growth, how does that change how you show up for your clients? I’d love for you to post in the comments below.

⚠This content is NOT psychotherapy and is not a substitute for psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment.


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