In my recent videos I talked about inner child and father wounds and the impacts of both on your client, their business, you and your business.

Today’s video is about mothers.

Specifically in regards to mother wounding, or the gap between what you needed from your mother as a child and what you actually received. Add to that the fact that we are still living in a primarily patriarchal society, and that unhealed wounding can wreak havoc on your clients business, as well as your own.

This wounding can manifest in business in a variety of ways:

• Over-giving. Maybe you have even heard a client or yourself saying “I’m tired of constantly giving and never getting anything in return”

• Under-earning. Feeling unworthy and that no matter what you do, make or be will ever be ENOUGH

• Burnout. Placing a disproportionately high value on intellect, performance, action and achievement while resisting, doubting or outright rejecting your intuition, natural rhythm, preferences and desires

• Avoidance. Particularly avoiding confrontation and/or being vulnerable

• Judgment and Mistrust of others, in particular, other women

Maybe you recognize yourself or a client in hearing this list. Just to be clear, I’m not calling this out to shame, attack, or judge. My intention is to bring this to your awareness so that if you see your clients struggling with this, or you experience for yourself, you can acknowledge, accept and possibly even appreciate the lessons available to you in the healing process.

As I mentioned in my previous video on absent fathers and entrepreneurs, if you notice these behaviors with your clients, don’t assume it’s all about your client’s mother, but do take the opportunity to ask more personal questions that can help you both evaluate what is really going on for them.

When we as mission-driven entrepreneurs create a container and space for our clients to talk about the deep and personal topics that are subconsciously blocking them from success, we invite them to change those patterns so they can release what’s no longer serving them, go after their heart’s desires and grow in all areas of their life.

Imagine if every one of your clients:

• Felt confident & solid in their perception of themselves

• Set healthy, clear boundaries

• Engaged with and resolved challenging situations calmly and constructively

• Expressed vulnerability without any fear, shame or judgment

• Asked for what they want and need without apology

• Trust that what they desire is valid and that they can have it

Unhealed emotional wounds affect EVERYTHING in life. In my own experience, and with my clients, I’ve seen how these wounds chip away at relationships with self, money, business and occasionally clients.

But it doesn’t have to be that way and I’ll share more on that in the next video.

In the meantime, I want you to know that this series isn’t about blaming mom and dad for what’s not working in the business. It’s about giving these experiences, and the resulting emotions, a seat at the table so you and your clients can take responsibility and ownership for your own beliefs, thoughts, feelings and desires – not what anyone else has placed upon you.

What would be available for you when you connect with your feelings, find your boundaries, declare your desires, lean into healthy support and create from a place of power and wholeness?

What would open up in your business by helping your clients do the same?

I’d love for you to post in the comments below.

⚠ This content is NOT psychotherapy and is not a substitute for psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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