I remember the first time I shared a deeply vulnerable story as a keynote speaker.

Even though I knew this was the story I needed to tell, I did NOT want to tell it.

But I ignored my resistance and did it anyway.

As I stepped up to the stage, the lights went out. It was pitch black in this basement ballroom for about a minute before the emergency lights came on.

Once everyone settles back in, I start my talk and as I’m a couple minutes into my story – POOF! – the lights flash back on.


Only for a moment but it felt like an eternity.

I managed to gather my composure and press on. I even enrolled new clients that day.

Yet, my success was eclipsed by the embarrassment I felt and how I “should have” been better.

For about a year of continuing to share this personal story, I felt dread welling up from the pit of my stomach before I stepped onto the stage.

Despite the ways this story was supporting my audience, my clients, and my business growth, I felt traumatized each time I shared it.

Although I knew I had to keep going, I needed a way to feel safe, grounded, and aligned with the power in this story, rather than the wounding that created it.

This was one of the ways I became more intentional about energy work and trauma-informed coaching, by prioritizing self-care while navigating transformation.

Now when I share my story of healing shame, silence, and invisibility, I feel secure, aligned, and potent.

This is why I prioritize energy work and healing when I work with clients today. By prioritizing your energy in the first two phases of our work together, we lay a solid groundwork for you to show up powerfully and receive your desired results.

Rising into a new level of leadership, visibility, and impact often invites you to heal and clear old energy before doing the strategic and tactical work, especially if past traumatic experiences have informed your present work.

The idea of just doing it and ripping the band aid off can do more harm than good.

A better approach is to go within and focus on your ENERGY – the energy you are embodying and want to embody – BEFORE doing anything. Aligning your energy FIRST creates the right foundation from which to connect and lead so you have less anxiety and stress around whatever shows up in that process. Not only will you feel more confident and grounded as you put yourself out there, you will enjoy showing up authentically, vulnerably, and boldly.

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