A health coach recently said to me “I don’t know if my business is ever going to be what I imagined it would be.” She wants to generate more leads. She wants to enroll clients faster. And she’s tired of people mistaking her for her mentor.

Who can identify and relate to that? (My hand is raised)

It can be so frustrating when you know your mission and you have a big vision, but it feels so far from your reach.

The good news for this health coach (now my client) is that she has some pretty amazing personal stories. And once she starts sharing those stories, I know the challenges she’s been putting up with will subside because she will stand out and shine with a memorable, irresistible story that no one else can duplicate. She’ll emerge from a noisy market as a leader with a powerful message for her tribe.

Check out the interview below with my new friend Dr. Anita Marchesani, and learn how story can help you face these challenges head on so you can grow and help others grow too. I share some of my most powerful tips on how you can use your story to connect quickly and deeply with your audience, attract clients naturally, get your message out there and start changing lives.

If you too are fearful that your business won’t be what you’ve imagined it to be or your tired of being overshadowed by a crowded and noisy marketplace and you’re ready to do something about it, I make a very special offer at the end of this video for mission-driven action-takers like you. You don’t wait til the end of the video, click here to get the details now.




  1. Sandra Templeton on October 10, 2014 at 6:18 am

    Gayle, I just loved this interview, it gave me new insights and I want to revisit my story. I know I can make it so much more. Also, I think people tend to undervalue what they do for others in their business. Thanks so much for this fabulous interview.

    Sandra Templeton
    Design Diva Creations

    • storystylist on October 10, 2014 at 12:06 pm

      Sandra,I’m so glad you picked up some new ideas to weave into your story. And yes, I relate to undervaluing ourselves & taking our brilliance for granted.It’s so natural sometimes it seems like it’s no big deal. I’ve seen it with clients & myself when doing story work …the light bulb goes off & you suddenly realize how special that brilliance is. Use that story of yours to shine Sandra.

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