A 6-figure coaching colleague of mine has a well-oiled marketing funnel and system. She’s speaking, hosting events, converting subscribers into clients, doing joint ventures and filling her programs.

So I was a little surprised when she said “but I still feel like I’m not reaching enough people.”

She’s serious about getting her message out in a bigger way and making a big impact. She’s doing a lot of things right. So what gives?

Since she had a solid system in place, I floated an idea by her.

What about generating some free publicity?

She hadn’t even considered it, and even though she already had some advanced marketing strategies in place, PR wasn’t even on the radar because she didn’t have a book, hadn’t been in the press and wasn’t heading a big company.

Ah hah! Here was my opportunity to set the record straight.

Expanding your visibility with publicity is one of the most powerful ways to exponentially grow your list, serve more clients and make the difference you were born to make. When done well, publicity is the thing that tips the scales in your favor and makes clients, partners and more media chase you.

The best part?

Tweet: You do not need to be an enterprise, star or best-selling author to get free publicity. http://ctt.ec/F8IPw+ Yes, it’s true that you’ll probably have an easier time if you fit into one or more of those categories but the truth is that the media is looking for anyone who can share great information and stories with their audience.

That’s not all that different from the content that supports your marketing this very instant, is it?

So what do you need to crack the publicity code?

The right mindset: The thought of being in the public eye can bring up fears. Worries about saying the wrong thing, not properly representing yourself in the media are common or simply not feeling ready can become roadblocks. Generating publicity and being in the media is a learned skill. Mistakes aren’t failures unless you don’t learn from them. I often find that the fear of success is really what stops entrepreneurs in their tracks. Will you be able to handle an influx of business? Will your website crash? Are you really worthy of the media’s attention (yes!)? Think as if you’ve already received massive exposure and create a plan for success before you actually do. Think about where you want the media to take you and create a dream team to support your operation before you get there. Whether it’s fear of failure or fear of success, being prepared will help you create the right mindset and put what you need in place to be a sought-after guest.

You: You may want to hire a publicist or PR firm to land interviews on your behalf. There’s nothing wrong with that approach and in fact, once you’ve mastered being a great media guest hiring someone to handle these details so you can waltz in, strut your stuff and waltz leverages you. When you understand how the media thinks, what kinds of stories interest them and how to create instant rapport with reporters, editors and producers, you’ll know what to look for when it comes time to hire help.

I’ll be sharing more details about how you double, even triple your list, and skyrocket your business with publicity in my upcoming teleseminar.

Join me Thursday September 25 and you’ll discover:

  • My experience with The Oprah Show and how it lead to the revelation that entrepreneurs, not just enterprises, can achieve the same level of publicity success
  • The exact strategy that gets you massive visibility, without a hefty marketing budget
  • What it really takes to attract national media attention (it’s not what you think)
  • The one mistake that will blow your chances with the media (& how to avoid it)
  • How to meaningfully impact thousands, tens of thousands, even millions of people through this process


Go here now to register and I’ll see you on the call!

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