Notes for New Earth Leaders

Need book reviews? Learn how you can find millions of potential reviewers

Are you an author or a publicist who represents one? If so, then you know that shrinking book review sections in newspapers and magazines are tough to crack. Fret no more because authors can connect with readers at book review sites, forums, online book clubs and web-based discussion groups where readers are eager to read,…

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6 quick and easy tips to battle writer's block

Getting started. Sometimes it’s the hardest part of writing. Staring at that blank screen can be maddening. So what can you do to break through your impasse and get busy? Here are six quick and easy tricks I use to bust a writer’s block. Read magazine headlines. They’re fun, they’re pithy and, depending on the…

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Learn how to build your own media list

For small business owners, entrepreneurs, non-profits and boutique PR agencies, big media directories are expensive. They can be overwhelming and you may only need to use a fraction of the thousands of listings provided. And sometimes, many of those listings can be out of date by the time you get around to using them. That’s…

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No news? Try these press release topics

Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound, has a list of 13 Press Release Topics When There’s Nothing Newsworthy. Here are 6 of my favorites: 1. Create Your Own Holiday Create your own day, week or month of the year, or your own holiday, at Chases Calendar of Events. The listing is free. You can then use…

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Help! How do I write a holiday newsletter?

The holiday hustle is officially on. And “write the family holiday newsletter” is glaring at you from the top of your “to-do” list. Relatives near and far love to receive your family newsletter every year. But it takes a good amount of time and commitment to sit down and pull it all together doesn’t it?…

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60 free social media and publicity tips in 60 minutes

How would you like access to 60 free (or almost-free) tools to help you navigate the world of social media and publicity? If you have a tight budget and are looking for ways to save time, these tools will come in handy. Sure, you could spend hours tracking them down on the web yourself, but…

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How to Pitch a Blog

Getting your business, product, service or expert voice in a blog has just as much, and sometimes more, cache than getting featured in traditional news or trade media. So how do you earn that coveted virtual ink? Whether you’re responding to a query or contacting a blogger cold, these key points can make or break…

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ESPN app needs a good copy editor

Here’s a case for investing in a good copy editor. Spell check is not a fail safe when it comes to editing any piece of writing, and its auto-correct function could get you into a predicament with certain words. Take a look at this ESPN app that lists Boston Red Sex [sic] in the MLB…

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Smith & Wollensky Steakhouse stunt: Engaging customers with clever PR

I love pledges. Speaking from experience, they are a great way to generate publicity and have fun doing it. So when I read about Smith & Wollensky’s Pledge Alliance campaign, I just had to share. Throughout most of October, the Midtown Manhattan steakhouse will remove the name Smith from everything and replace it with the…

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