Notes for New Earth Leaders

Why I despise the word utilize and so should you

For the last several years,  the word utilize has met the wrath of my red pen whenever it appears in any copy that crosses my desk. It’s a word that makes me squirm, cringe and send sidelong glances at anyone nearby who has heard my treatise on why I despise the word utilize. So why…

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Spice up your site with these 5 web copy essentials

Websites have become essential to the marketing mix of most businesses. When it comes to web content, however, you need to understand how to balance the fundamentals of writing for traditional marketing channels and the unique elements of writing for the web. Here are 5 essential elements to consider when writing your web copy: 1.…

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Yes, you can optimize your press release for search engines

Press releases aren’t just for the media anymore; they are for customers too.  They have become an effective tool for search engine optimization, or SEO. Why? For one, press releases provide a way for you to update your content, which attracts search engines. Secondly, like your web pages, adding keywords into your press releases will…

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7 ways to make your press release score, not bore

Let’s say you’re launching a new program or service and you want to write a press release that will grab the attention of your customers and the media. Here’s what you DO NOT want to do: XYZ Company announced the today the release of its new program blah, blah, blah. Ho-hum press releases start this…

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Feeling stuck? Get out of your writing rut!

For me, writing is akin to breathing. For others, I know writing causes quite a bit of anxiety, much like algebra makes me break out in cold sweats. We all have our strengths, right? Personally, I don’t believe in spinning my wheels trying to make a weakness stronger. My philosophy? Focus on what I do…

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