Notes for New Earth Leaders

Make The World Care About Your Story

I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing and thinking as I’ve been preparing for my teleclass Move People & Make Money: Why Your Story is the Money Behind Your Marketing (click this link to sign up). I’m going to share a story on the call about the time I almost gave up on my entrepreneurial…

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Their story isn't always your story . . . or the whole story

I’m really ticked off. Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of stories about self-proclaimed experts telling their clients – fellow coaches and solo professionals – that they can’t or shouldn’t pursue their passions and dreams because they don’t have a portfolio or the right experience or that they can’t teach people to do something they’ve…

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7 things you didn't know about me

We humans are curious critters aren’t we? One of the things I love about meeting new people is discovering something we have in common. Realizing that got me thinking: What are things can I share about myself that would spark a fun, interesting conversation. In the spirit of sharing, here are a few of the…

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Slay your inner gremlins with a story set on success

There’s a lot of talk about social proof when it comes to building a business but what do you do when you feel a little soft when it comes to your credibility? One of the women in an online group I’m part of is running into this issue. She’s a coach on a journey to…

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Change Your Money Story into a Love Story

I’m eight years old, standing in front of the refrigerator looking at the child support check from my father. My mother grouses over my shoulder “It’s late again and it’s not enough.” Thirty years later, Monica Shah asks me “How does that make you feel?” Money doesn’t grow on trees. Money is the root of…

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Business on the Shy

Are you a shy business owner? Do you kinda dread networking events? When you go to live events or log onto webinars, are you secretly envious of the other person’s courage to get out there and bask successfully in the spotlight’s glow? Yeah, me too. At some point in my childhood, someone stuck the shy…

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College Student Schools Us on Marketing Love

Anyone with young children knows the challenge of working from home. Mondays are my mommy day and most of time I focus on my girls. Some Mondays, though, I just need a few hours to focus on my business. Not easy to do when there are books to read, games to play, pictures to draw…

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What Bruce Jenner and Don Crowther can teach you (& me) about growing a breakthrough business in 2013

Forget Gen X. I belong to the Wheaties generation. My first athletic hero (at the tender age of four) was Bruce Jenner. So strong, so fast, so enduring. I think staring at that Wheaties box on my Nana’s kitchen table planted a lot of seeds about success in my pretty little head back then. But…

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Media Magnet Monday: Plan a Media Event — Part 2

In last week’s post, I covered four key components of a successful media event. This week we outline four more tips to pull off a successful media event. 1. Use a task list & timeline to stay on track Even the simplest of media events has many moving parts so making a list of action…

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Watch the Replay for Gifts of the Healing Heart: Rising Out of the Shadows & Into the Spotlight