Notes for New Earth Leaders

Yes, you can optimize your press release for search engines

Press releases aren’t just for the media anymore; they are for customers too.  They have become an effective tool for search engine optimization, or SEO. Why? For one, press releases provide a way for you to update your content, which attracts search engines. Secondly, like your web pages, adding keywords into your press releases will…

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7 ways to make your press release score, not bore

Let’s say you’re launching a new program or service and you want to write a press release that will grab the attention of your customers and the media. Here’s what you DO NOT want to do: XYZ Company announced the today the release of its new program blah, blah, blah. Ho-hum press releases start this…

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Feeling stuck? Get out of your writing rut!

For me, writing is akin to breathing. For others, I know writing causes quite a bit of anxiety, much like algebra makes me break out in cold sweats. We all have our strengths, right? Personally, I don’t believe in spinning my wheels trying to make a weakness stronger. My philosophy? Focus on what I do…

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