Notes for New Earth Leaders

College Student Schools Us on Marketing Love

Anyone with young children knows the challenge of working from home. Mondays are my mommy day and most of time I focus on my girls. Some Mondays, though, I just need a few hours to focus on my business. Not easy to do when there are books to read, games to play, pictures to draw…

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What Bruce Jenner and Don Crowther can teach you (& me) about growing a breakthrough business in 2013

Forget Gen X. I belong to the Wheaties generation. My first athletic hero (at the tender age of four) was Bruce Jenner. So strong, so fast, so enduring. I think staring at that Wheaties box on my Nana’s kitchen table planted a lot of seeds about success in my pretty little head back then. But…

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Media Magnet Monday: Plan a Media Event — Part 2

In last week’s post, I covered four key components of a successful media event. This week we outline four more tips to pull off a successful media event. 1. Use a task list & timeline to stay on track Even the simplest of media events has many moving parts so making a list of action…

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Media Magnet Monday: Plan a Media Event – Part 1

Media events can be an effective way to get publicity for your business, school, organization or cause. Before I go any further, media events are NOT press conferences. What’s the difference? A press conference is used to announce and/or update breaking news as it unfolds. Press conferences (a.k.a, “pressers”) are a way to communicate with…

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Media Magnet Monday: Media release or media pitch?

You’ve got your PR plan and your press kit, now it’s time to start reaching out to the media. First build a list of media contacts who write about the topics relevant to you and your audience. Then, focus on building relationships with those media contacts. How? Members of the media want sources, experts and…

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Media Magnet Monday: Create a Killer Press Kit

Now that you’ve got your public relations plan together, it’s a good idea to create a press kit before you start pitching journalists, sending out media releases and planning media events. Your press kit tells your story in the way the media wants to receive the information. It’s not your marketing brochure. It’s a succinct…

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Media Magnet Monday: Develop a Strong PR Strategy

Before you write a press release, plan a media event or pitch a reporter, you need to have a public relations strategy in place. A PR plan that aligns with your business goals and objectives will be more effective in gaining exposure and awareness than any single PR tactic. A simple, flexible plan will work…

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Media Magnet Monday: The Power of Publicity

Publicity can be a powerful tool for building your business. No matter how big or small your marketing plan, public relations should play a role in your strategy to create awareness of your business and build your credibility in order to attract clients/customers. The best part about public relations? You don’t have to spend a…

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Write a social media profile that sings

  What does your social media profile say about you? Whether you’re on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or others, don’t miss an opportunity to tell your story. While you may have a limited number of characters to work with, that doesn’t mean you are limited in your message. I see many social media profiles that…

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