Life often follows a meandering path, filled with unexpected twists and occasional ruts. We may eventually get so accustomed to the rut that we begin to think of our life as “comfortable.” Those ruts can easily become comfortable traps that ensnare us.  What does it take to unstick ourselves from these comfortable yet stagnant situations? Is there a way to re-ground ourselves in reality, or do we need a forceful push from the universe, something that causes the cookie of our existence to crumble around us?

In this episode of Soul Empowerment, Gayle Nowak joins David McLeod, Sara Jane, and Scott Holmes as the team candidly shares their own experiences of facing difficult situations and how these soul-supported moments empowered them.

Feeling tested? Trying to stay positive but feeling exhausted and depleted? When you’re ready for my support as you turn tough times into new possibilities, ask me about my Feel and Flow Journey.

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