StoryCreationClinic_FinalLogoThis is an amazing and powerful time to be an entrepreneur. There’s more than 21 million self-employed and independent business owners in the U.S. right now and that number is up about 30% from just four years ago. What’s 21 million people? Well picture it this way. If all of us were a country, it would be Australia.

Being an entrepreneur is serious business. It takes hard work. It takes courage. It takes commitment. That stuff hasn’t changed and probably never will. But what this explosion of entrepreneurs says to me is that today’s tools and technology have made business ownership far more accessible to all of us.

I mean, we can communicate with anyone in the world at any time. Our ability to connect with people is greater now than ever before.

Cool right?

But on the flip side of all this amazing technology, is a far more expansive and crowded marketplace with lots of noise and distractions.

There are 3 billion people online right now and that number is expected to double in the next two years. To make matters more challenging, our websites, our services, our products – they look the same, plus or minus 10%, as our competitors.

Uh oh.

Here’s the good news. You are sitting on gold right now because you already have your own personal secret weapon – the one thing that:

  • slices through the noise like a samurai sword
  • makes you stand out because no one can replicate it
  • and engages, persuades and moves people into action like nothing else in your business

Whether you’re leading, speaking, selling or teaching. I’m talking today about your story, of course.

Your story is your best business asset. It’s the thing that makes people give a damn about you and what you do. While you may already know why story is important for your business, I understand that putting it to work for you is another thing altogether.

That’s why I’ve put together a way I can support you and help you create your story so you can start communicating it with your universe before the end of the year. I just opened the doors to my Tell to Sell Story Creation Clinic, a brand new, virtual workshop I’ve created to help coaches, consultants and service-based entrepreneurs like you tap into the power of your own story.

YOU CAN DO THIS, YOU CAN SUCCEED, YOU CAN FIND THOSE PEOPLE WHO WILL ADORE YOU . . . and when you enroll in my Tell to Sell Story Creation Clinic, I’ll show you how. Here are some of the program highlights:

  • Four 60-minute live training and Q&A calls, plus the audio replays from each call so you can reference the trainings anytime, anywhere
  • Worksheets and check lists that you can download and reference throughout the course and any other time you want to craft and share a story.
  • Automatic access to the Tell to Sell Story Creation Contest where you’ll practice sharing your story in a safe, supportive community, as well as have the opportunity to win instant exposure to hundreds of people and a complimentary pass to my new collaboration with Clear Voice Branding called Stage-Ready Brand Bootcamp so you can take the next step and create an irresistible brand.
  • Plus some really great BONUS gifts from my friends.

Get all the details here.

If you act fast, you can snag some other juicy bonuses too. For the first 10 people who invest in this program, you’ll get a complimentary 30-minute consultation with me and get my undivided attention on your story and your marketing. If you’re one of the first five to enroll, you’ll get the consultation PLUS I’ll take your completed story and distill it into a concise yet powerful 60-second sound bite so you’ll be ready to tell your story whether you have one minute or one hour to make a lasting impression. And if you enroll before October 29 you’ll get special pricing (full-pay option only). Just be sure to type in EBD100 to the coupon code field when you check out

You have the choice right here, right now to tap into power of your personal story. Or, you can keep that kick-ass story all to yourself. It’s entirely up to you.

If you’re ready to grow professionally and even personally through the power of story, then I’d love for you to join us. Grab your spot today!

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