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Let’s do something fun and engaging to celebrate small business owners during #nationalsmallbusinessweek (April 29-May 5).

Small business owners like us are the backbone of our economy. So I’d love to hear your stories about the shifts and revelations that have most impacted your small business.

The first time I remember my business significantly changing is when I finally got the courage to share my story. I realized that if telling that story once could help me land amazing clients and more than $7,800 in revenue in a matter of weeks, I could tell it over and over again to exponentially grow my business.

While I knew this intellectually, actually doing it changed the way I thought about — and go about — attracting clients, generating leads and landing new business.

Other moments where I realized my business had changed were when I:

  • Started writing myself a regular paycheck
  • Took seven weeks off throughout the year, without worrying about getting paid or getting everything done
  • Had to pay the IRS (The downside? Taxes. The upside? Profit.)

How about your story: When did you realize your business had changed? Was it the moment?

  • Someone paid you for your services?
  • You needed to start building a team?
  • You made five figures (or six or more) in one month?

I’d love to hear your #smallbusiness victories. Leave a comment and tell me what the moment was and what it meant to you.


  1. Matt Marshall - Just be...LLC on May 3, 2018 at 3:12 pm

    I realized my business had changed when I landed my first new (not a referral, friend or former co-worker) client. It was a fulfilling-terrifying-hope-filled-OH snap!-SH*&s-gettin-real-let’s do this moment. There have been (almost hourly) ups and downs since then but…welcome to entrepreneurship.

    • storystylist on May 3, 2018 at 6:07 pm

      Thanks for chiming in Matt. Guess what? The (almost hourly) ups and downs haven’t gone away yet LOL. You just learn to enjoy them a little bit more. Always a treat to hear from you my friend. Hope you and Just Be enjoy continued success!

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