Last month I put out a survey asking for you to share your desires and discomforts when it comes to stepping into greater visibility. 


The greatest discomfort by far, and the thing keeping you invisible in your business, is a fear that sharing your truth might hurt others. 


Yes. I get it. I feel that. In fact, I have been working on expanding my capacity to share and receive truth for quite a while now.


Inevitably, someone will NOT like what is true for you. So it can feel safer to silence and suppress your message, your ask, your work and your own view of the world. 


And by the way, we all do this to some level.


Now, you may be tempted to respond to that fear with force . . . and that is ONE approach you can take.


Sometimes it works . . . 


But in my experience and with my clients, it’s hit or miss 


Because when you constantly ignore and go against your feelings it can lead to greater anxiety and fear, especially if you’ve suffered adverse and traumatic childhood experiences.


One of the most common fears we experience as humans is being SEEN, and yet most entrepreneurs simultaneously long TO BE SEEN because we know in our core that we are here for a purpose. We deeply want to make a difference.


It actually makes sense when you realize that visibility fears often start in childhood  . . . as a result of the times we were made to feel wrong, rejected, different. All of us have experienced this at some level — it’s part of being human. 


So another approach is to heal these past experiences, releasing fear’s hold on you so you can feel confident, courageous and (uh, hello) excited about being visible.


To help you get started with that I’ve put together something special for you  to help you go within and find the root of your visibility block on your own time and in the comfort of your own home.


Just click this link


And stay tuned because I’ll be diving deeper into this topic over the next few days.

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