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Leading a sustainable, impactful, and fruitful coaching business requires you to get out of your comfort zone regularly. Embracing your aligned design supports you as you define what you are about as a business.

Applying this innate energetic foundation will help you actualize your desired business results with more ease and enjoyment. You’ll know which practical strategies and structures to choose that will align with your energetic foundation.

Spirit-led coaches who want to:

  • overcome the fears that make you want to hide
  • present yourself to your audience and clients with a clear, compelling, and consistent message
  • discover your most aligned process for reaching more people regularly
  • stop leaking time, energy, and money on the DIY approach

Yet find themselves struggling with conventional marketing may need to shift their energy first. Your best strategy is only as good as your energetic alignment to that strategy.

Tap Into Your Aligned Design

The key is to tap into your aligned design so you can lead your business with certainty and ease. Your people are attracted to your energy before they even know how you can help them solve their problem.

This is for you if you’re a spirit-led coach and conscious leader who:

  • knows that you have innate abilities that your clients want
  • wants to honor your inner knowing
  • acknowledges the value of healing
  • is humble enough to admit you’re learning as you lead
  • embodies your beliefs, values, and Truth
  • leans into leadership with soul
  • is open to using tools like astrology, human design, chakra system, and feminine/masculine energetics to find your alignment

Integrate Soul & Strategy

I worked with a branding coach early on in my business. After venting my frustration about not knowing my purpose, she asked me “What do you know you are here to do?

Before I could even think through an answer the words came pouring out of my mouth; “The only thing I know I’m here to do is break the cycle of dysfunction in my family.

It was a profound moment of Truth, yet it has taken me several years since then to see how that fits in with the bigger picture of my work. It wasn’t until I studied specific aspects of spiritual systems like astrology, human design, and others that a more complete picture came into focus.

For example, Saturn is in Cancer in my natal chart. This placement emphasizes themes around family, belonging, and the desire to create deep connections. It’s about openly and freely expressing thoughts and feelings despite experiencing rejection, abandonment, or lack of nurturing in the family system. It’s also about lessons, karma, and time.

My life lessons involved learning to express my true thoughts and feelings even in the face of rejection or judgment. It’s no surprise that one of the biggest ways I support my clients (family and friends too) is around visibility and self-expression even in the face of no approval. I guide them to make peace with their past and honor their vulnerability because that’s the path I’ve walked to create the deep, enriching, and healthy relationships I desire.

Today, I see clearly how a difficult childhood has shaped me from hiding in plain sight to becoming the bold and gentle leader I am today, which is exactly the journey I guide my clients through.

Enhance Success With Spiritual Tools

Your aligned design holds great wisdom for you. As a Spirit-led coach, you likely have a sense of the positive change you want to deliver yet the full path is often revealed in seemingly random pieces of information. Your natal chart, human design, chakra system, and feminine/masculine energetics are soul tools that are as valuable to your business as your practical ones.

Gaining this wisdom empowers you to step fully onto your path and purpose, feel safe and seen, and be certain and clear when you’re willing to explore beyond the mind and engage your heart and soul. This is why discovering your aligned design is the first step in my 9-step coaching process to create a thriving conscious business without hiding or silencing yourself.

If you:

  • struggle to communicate your message
  • want to reach more people consistently yet feel overwhelmed
  • feel frustrated that the bigger Truth feels hidden from your view
  • and figuring it out yourself is not working for you

What might be possible if you discovered and applied your aligned design?


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