Courageous leaders speak and lead from their whole heart. When we do, we invite and inspire our clients, team, loved ones — maybe even strangers — to do the same. 


You honor your truth and create sacred space for others to step into their own truth. You have your feelings, preferences, needs and desires, and you let others have their own.


You are able to give and receive, so that others can give and receive too. 


There are a few simple, yet potent concepts that I’ve learned as I am integrating leading from my whole heart even more in my business and life. These concepts are available to you too. 


Acknowledge. Specifically, acknowledging your own feelings FIRST. Sometimes we surrender to our feelings easily, sometimes we resist. Take the time you need for those feelings to sink in without worrying about what other people will think and feel. 


Accept. The things you accepted as true in the past often don’t align with you now. Accept that 1. You are meant to change and grow and 2. What’s in your heart now MATTERS. 


Act. Once you acknowledge and accept, you must act in alignment with your whole heart if you truly wish to break through what’s standing between you and what you crave. The action often starts with speaking your truth. Courageously asking for what you want and need, or sharing your point of view.


Leading from your whole heart also means being committed to wholeness. It means doing your own healing and transformational work so that you are aligned with your true self and who you came here to be. 


NOT because there is anything wrong or something “should be” fixed. 


We all have our unique path to healing, and yours is your own. However, I want to share something that has been a game-changer for the healing that I needed to happen before I could begin to speak and lead from my whole heart.


I’ve done this practice for more than a year and it has opened my heart and created new possibilities for me personally and professionally in ways I never would have imagined.


It will help you open your heart too.


If you haven’t already grabbed it, just clink this link to get started


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