You’ve written a press release; Now what? Of course you will send it out on the wire, email it to your media contacts and post it in your online press room. If you stop there though, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to draw existing and new customers to your website.

You can add muscle to your press release by re-writing it as an article for multiple formats and syndicating the content.  Here are 5 ways to pump some serious online iron into your press releases:

1. Blogs & Directories

Publish your article on your blog, then submit it to blogging communities and as a guest post to other blogs. Submit it to top online article directories as is, or create a step-by-step tutorial and submit it to sites like eHow and Photo Shop Buzz for even more exposure. Tips releases in particular are easily transformed into how-to articles. Save your article as a PDF and submit it to document sharing sites and eBook directories.

2. Social media

Use the information in your press release as content for your own social media channels, then stage a social media blitz using HootSuite and These services allow you to reach more than 30 of the top social media sites.

3. Audio

Convert your article into a podcast and submit it to podcast directories such as iTunes or Podcast.

4. PowerPoint

Turn your press release into a PowerPoint presentation using one main point per slide and any supporting images and graphics from your press kit. Then submit your presentation to sites like SlideShare.

5. Video

You can create a simple video by combining your podcast with your PowerPoint presentation and submitting it to top video sharing sites like YouTube.

Each of these channels requires a certain format, so use your press release as the foundation from which to create the appropriate content. Need help? Please contact me to re-write your press release and help you drive more traffic to your website.

Do you have other syndication secrets you’d like to share? Leave a comment below.




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