What is one simple oversight that keeps purpose-driven coaches, entrepreneurs, speakers and authors at any level begging for visibility and clients?

They don’t use PUBLICITY.

And when I say publicity I don’t mean getting attention for the sake of attention. I’m not talking about publicity stunts, I’m talking about working with publications, TV, radio and online media to provide value to their audience while helping you achieve a particular business objective . . . say publicizing your book, event, research or product launch.

Why is publicity so important for getting your name out there and raising brand awareness? Because publicity:

  1. Builds your credibility. When someone sees a story about what you have to offer and how it solves a problem for them, they trust you because they know that a reporter or producer had to vet you as a credible source in the first. It’s that objective third-party endorsement.
  2. Increases your market value. People are willing to pay more for what you have when they see you in the press.
  3. Can go viral. That’s something you’ll never get with advertising. You pay for space and the only way that ad multiplies is if you buy more space. One good media placement however has the potential to snowball into more free publicity.

So why don’t more entrepreneurs use publicity to get massive exposure for their message? There’s some commonly held myths and misconceptions that hold people back but personally I think it really all boils down to this . . . they just don’t know how to work with the media. That’s why I hopped on The Carrie Roldan Show recently to walk her through a crash course in getting some press for her new book Run Yourself Happy.

Watch this video now to see me coach Carrie in this unscripted, on the spot interview.

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