Here’s a case for investing in a good copy editor. Spell check is not a fail safe when it comes to editing any piece of writing, and its auto-correct function could get you into a predicament with certain words. Take a look at this ESPN app that lists Boston Red Sex [sic] in the MLB wild card race. Oops!

Use spell check for a basic surface edit only, then have a copy editor (or a friend with solid grammar skills) look at your work. Have you had any embarrassing misspellings that you’re willing to share?

Special thanks to my dear friend Jen Borreson at Fresh Roasted Graphics for sharing this blooper.

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  1. […] Get a second opinion. Or third, fourth, fifth. Gather up the family and read your letter out loud. Then let them each read it to themselves. Ask them if they want to change any items that reference them. Also enlist them as your personal proofreaders too. You don’t want to run the risk of embarrassing the whole family with a misspelled word. […]

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