Websites have become essential to the marketing mix of most businesses. When it comes to web content, however, you need to understand how to balance the fundamentals of writing for traditional marketing channels and the unique elements of writing for the web.

Here are 5 essential elements to consider when writing your web copy:

1. Know Thy Audience

The marketing bible begins with “Know thy audience”. Whether it’s advertising, promotions, public relations or social media, if you don’t know your audience, they won’t relate. Understanding your audience’s touch points is just as important for tactical execution as it is for your overall business strategy. Knowing what they want to read and how they read web copy will help you write effective content on your own website.

2. . . . and Speak Their Language.

Once you know why your audience is coming to your website and the information they are seeking, you’ll have a better handle on what kind of content to offer. It’s fairly easy to provide facts and information on a website so it’s crucial to distinguish yours. Your website copy should consist of a unique and entertaining voice to which visitors can relate. Tell visitors your story and how they fit into it. popchips! is a terrific example of using a unique voice and clever branding to sell their healthier, all natural chips.

3. Then Get to the Point, Fast!

Your web copy needs to capture your audience, provide the most important information and benefits, and deliver a clear call to action in a matter of seconds. You can always provide more detailed information later. Use smaller paragraphs, headings, bullets and tables to make content digestible. Your audience will appreciate a structured, fast-loading website that’s easy to read.

4. Remember Keywords

Consider search engines to be a part of your audience too. Your web copy should make it easy for search engines and your audience to find you. Use keywords in headings, page titles, bold and linked text — even your website address — as well throughout your overall web content.

5. . . . and the Finishing Touches.

If you want to convey professionalism online, your web copy must be flawless. If you want your audience and customers to take you seriously, take your web content seriously. If writing, spelling and grammar are not among your strengths, I would be happy for the opportunity to help you. Hiring a copywriter and/or proofreader will be worth the investment in the long run.




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