George Huang is a bit of a folk legend in certain circles. When he retired as a board-certified plastic surgeon and became a professional business coach in 2005, he created an annualized six-figure revenue stream in 73 days. He went on to double that by the end of the year!


Today, George helps holistic physicians develop healthy medical practices through his company Freedompreneur M.D. He specializes in helping clients take great holistic care of their patients, pocket more profit, and live a life they love. He is the co-author of Financial Statements Made Practical: A Step-by-Step Visual Guide and the co-creator of Profit Stash, a web-based financial tool that guides entrepreneurs to boost their cash flow and profits. In this episode of Positive News Now, George and I chat about what it takes to have a healthy, holistic medical practice. To learn more, visit:







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