Author, Storyteller and Personal Historian Marjorie Turner Hollman talks with us about mobility, connection, writing, storytelling, the outdoors . . . and finding joy in it all. Marjorie is the author of three companion books:

Easy Walks in Massachusetts

More Easy Walks in Massachusetts

Easy Walks and Paddles in the Ten Mile Rivershed

Together these guides lead pedestrians and bikers to at least 120 trails through 37 contiguous towns in South Central Massachusetts. She partners with the Massachusetts Walking Tour, which uses routes from Marjorie’s books as members and participants walk town-to-town for their events and celebrations.

In addition to writing her books, as well as articles for local newspapers, Marjorie has appeared on Milford TV, delivered numerous workshops and spoken to historic and education organizations. She has hosted and produced an oral history TV series featuring 13 veterans, which is now housed at the Library of Congress. Marjorie is currently working with a committee to help write the Town of Bellingham’s 300th Anniversary History.

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