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I had a Texas Hold ‘Em moment in my business last week.

It was a moment when I realized I had put together a pretty good hand and I felt like I just needed one more card to win the jackpot. There was just this one piece – call it my ace – that was missing.

I was about to make the biggest investment in my business that I’ve ever made at any given time. When I play or watch Texas Hold ‘Em it feels like a game of chance. But watch the pros and you can see they’re clearly using a strategy. They know how to do everything they can in their power to stack the odds in their favor. But often they are letting it ride on that last card.

Call it luck.

Call it faith.

Call it whatever you want . . . but when the stakes are high it takes guts to go all in.

That’s how I felt as I pondered making this big investment for my business. Except, unlike those poker pros, I saw the ace on the other side of the table.

And yet even I knew that ace was there for the taking, I couldn’t help thinking:

  • Oh my goodness, more charges on my credit card?
  • What if I find something fundamentally wrong with my business and I have to start all over?
  • What if this doesn’t work?

I had some serious fear going on . . . but I still went all in.

I felt nauseous when I hung up the phone. I felt excited too.

And a big part of why I was able to look fear in the eye and make a decision that I truly believe is going to catapult my success is because of the way this coach handled the sales conversation.

No one likes to be SOLD to right? The number one thing I learned from this experience is if you are able to transform people’s lives . . . you must, YOU MUST focus on that transformation in your sales conversations [Tweet This!].

Here’s what else we can learn about making strategy sessions beneficial not just for you but for your buyers:

Be crystal clear about with who you want as a client – I was on the line with someone who also has young children. She too had been struggling with finding the time to do her best work and balance time with family (and had found a solution). As she spoke, she used some of the same exact phrases I use in conversation. It was fascinating to me. Even though this was my first conversation with her, I felt like she knew me and totally got me.

Tip #1: Think about your ideal customers and get in their head. Because when you can speak to me like you’re a kindred spirit, it’s irresistible.

Get super targeted – In one conversation, this woman enrolled me in her program. Does that blow your mind (it should)? It blows mine! All it took for her to get on my radar was a little word-of-mouth and a very strategic and targeted Facebook ad campaign. She’s able to reach ideal clients around the world. . . people she otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach thanks to the Internet. The difference with her though is that she is using it in a laser targeted way that consistently brings in targeted leads who enroll with her quickly, saving her loads of time and getting her a steady flow of high-paying clients (By the way, this is exactly what I’ll be learning from here and I’m so excited that I’ll be able to share it with you as well — STAY TUNED).  Best of all, she’s working with the people who need her most.

Tip #2: Think about your marketing right now. What is consistently getting you results? What consistently gets you in front of the right people? What consistently generates leads for you? Are you marketing for “marketing’s sake” or are you getting results? Before you dive into every possible way to market your business, spend some time figuring out where your market is hanging out and what is actually converting into cash and clients. Put your energy there.

Be generous with your time & attention – I got to talk ALOT in this strategy session. We were on the phone for a solid hour. The call was laser-focused but I didn’t feel rushed. I didn’t feel judged. I got a lot of clarity in simply talking out my challenges. If you’re struggling with sales conversations and what to do in them . . . remember, it’s not about the money . . . it’s about listening for how you can help the person on the other end.

Tip #3: Be unattached in your sales conversations. Sounds simple, but sometimes it can be challenging in practice. Thoughts about the bills coming in, a slow month, an unexpected expense have the potential to sabotage you. Before you get on the call, take some time to quiet your mind and focus on the other person. Listen, be helpful, be calm, be present and help them see beyond the vision they see for themselves. You’re their to serve them.

Focus on the transformation – When you hear the words “The investment is . . .” how do you react? Chances are that’s what’s happening with your prospects too. When I heard what the investment was, it definitely took the wind out of me. I got quiet . . .  but NOT because I thought it was too much or I didn’t see the value or I was trying to come up with an objection. No, I was working it out in my head. What she had to offer, I wanted — BADLY. I was quiet because I was thinking “OK, this is going to sting at first but I know that if I go all in, it’s going to transform my business so how do I make this work?” She focused on how her offer was going to change some pretty serious pain points in my business. When the transformation is exactly what your peeps want, money is no longer a deal breaker.

Tip #4: When you make an offer and it’s met with silence your blood starts pumping and you want to fill in that silence. It’s a normal reaction but try not to do that. Don’t assume to know what’s going on in the other person’s head. Give them time to think. Let them ask questions. And if it’s a stretch for them financially then help them find a way. 

What can you do today to get your peeps to go all in with you on your next strategy call? Let us know in the comments below.

P.S. If you’re ready to learn how your story can transform your business, you can apply here for a strategy session with me and gain clarity around how to tackle your current marketing and business challenges through the power of story.

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