Would You Like Me To Personally Help You Land Better Clients, Get Paid What You’re Worth & Be More Productive (& Profitable)?



If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking for high quality clients -- the ones who are easy to work with (e.g., follow your advice, respond to your requests, respect deadlines, appreciate your work) & pay all (or most) your fee upfront, without pressuring you to drop your rates.


You’re probably also looking to bring some sanity, efficiency & better productivity into your business life so you can have better quality in your personal life!


You’ve got clients, you’re making money, you provide excellent service & you consider yourself an expert in your field. You’re on the verge of your next stage of growth, but know you need to be more proactive, more strategic & more protective of your boundaries.


And you probably already know that private, personal consulting is the best way to ensure highly customized, precision-crafted & powerful marketing.




Because there are low-impact, low-profit land mines in EVERY marketing project & having experienced eyes to SEE them will prevent you from trying to implement all your exciting ideas only to get half-baked results . . . again.


When you let a seasoned marketing consultant into the hidden nooks & crannies of your business, you actually see your best ideas come to life & make money. You get to focus on only the right money-making projects for the right clients at the right time.


Half-Day Well-Done Marketing Intensive


If you’re done chasing after the “hot” marketing idea of the week & need a marketing strategy you can surround with any set of tactics.


Or you’ve got an opportunity to expand your visibility (speaking opportunity, media interview, conference) & you need to nail it but don’t even know where to start.


Or you want to launch a marketing campaign for a new offer.


The best option for you is probably a Well-Done Marketing Intensive.


We’ll meet in person or videoconference to analyze your most pressing marketing concern, discuss the best possible solutions, & create a focused, simple & DOABLE plan that fits your goals, priorities & personality.


With expert advice, you streamline your path to results & take your business where you know it can go.


Some of the private sessions I’ve had with clients covered:


  • Defining &/or refining target audiences
  • Creating strong brand positioning in your market
  • Identifying & selecting the high potential marketing approaches for you, your company & your clients
  • Identifying effective lead generation & nurturing strategies to turn browsers into (repeat) buyers
  • Designing a marketing action plan to turn your ideas into results
  • Developing consistent, compelling marketing messages & materials across all channels
  • Identifying & selecting the best pricing strategies/models for greater revenue & ease



“Before the Well-Done Marketing Intensive, I was challenged with too many marketing ideas, not enough time. I didn’t want more blueprints, templates or learning. I needed Gayle’s expertise in marketing strategy, messaging & project management to help me take my business where I want it to go. After my intensive, I now have complete clarity on my priorities -- from preparing for launches, speaking & exhibiting at a conference with 900 attendees & ongoing client work. Gayle even helped me fit it all in with my daughter’s school vacation (what a HUGE relief)! I’m no longer overwhelmed with half-executed awesome ideas because I know which projects lead to the best results. Everything else is an easy ‘no’ or ‘not now’. This has been so freeing for me!”


Wendy Sabin

Wealth Leadership Expert, WendySabin.com



A Private Well-Done Marketing Session with Me Starts at $2500.


Because of my workload & personal schedule, I have a limited number of these per month (usually 2-4) & only take on clients for whom I know I can get results. If you’re ready to move forward with your business, click the button below to start the conversation.


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