4-Week Transformational Taster for Accomplished New Earth Leaders, Healers & Coaches


  • Access the deeper wisdom, self-compassion and Divine Truth already within you
  • Love up, then clear out stagnant and blocked energy interfering with actualizing your desires/goals
  • Activate (or re-activate) the visionary, pioneer, healer and leader you are here to be
  • Upgrade your frequency so you can magnetize your desired reality
  • Deepen trust in your entrepreneurial, healing and soul journey
  • Reveal a new path forward that previously felt hidden and out of reach


  • One (1) private 75-90 minute Feel + Flow Session. In this session we will tune into the energy of your body to discover where you are or have been holding blocks to the outcomes your soul desires. We move what we can and become aware of what still needs to move in our time together.
  • One (1) 30-minute follow up call within a few days of your Feel + Flow session to check in and confirm what was revealed.
  • Two (2) 30- to 45-minute integration calls designed to be used in the second and third weeks of the program to shift and/or integrate what feels most aligned for you.
  • One (1) 60- to 75-minute session for you to claim your new possibility/way of being and celebrate
  • Text or audio messaging as needed during your container


$2,500 (value $3,000)


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Before our journey together, I was in a state of conflict and confusion. No flow. Nothing was happening. I felt like a cork stuck in a bottle. Holding that energy for so long brought me to tears. I’d just shared a strong belief from a really vulnerable place and experienced a lot of backlash. I was feeling raw, sensitive, confused . . . thinking “I fully express myself and people don’t like my self-expression. They’re shutting me down.” Before this incident, I’d been trying to express myself through my writing for six months leading up to that. I was getting what I needed in some ways. Fully expressing myself in the face of absolutely no agreement.

You invited me to a place where I didn’t have to pretend. Where I felt safe and supported so that I could rest, relax and feel held. I had the space to hear myself. To drop into my body and heart, and check in at a deep level. I received space to process this, and to remember and access the answers inside me. This journey helped me relax into a deeper wisdom and compassion for myself, not as someone who bumbles and makes mistakes, rather as one who claims her trust, role and gift as a visionary. Having you witness, hold and reflect back to me was a necessary part of the embodiment process. I was able to give myself permission to speak my heart and mind, trusting that the only person who needs to approve of it is me. That’s when the cork popped out and I was back in harmonious flow. It was a whole new level of ownership for my gifts. I received revealing, healing, integration and reclamation. There was a revolution too because for me revolution is when you’ve done the inner work and you take it out into the world.

After our journey, I could write in a way I hadn’t been. I had so much more courage. It’s my voice, my point of view. Nobody else has lived my life. It feels powerful to trust my voice. My head and heart are back in coherence. You can’t put a price on that!

–  Monica Rodgers, Host of The Revelation Project Podcast + Co-founder of Revelation Media LLC

Things were showing up in my business around finances and clients, yet I could feel I was dealing with core emotions and patterns around receiving. That’s your specialty, and why I felt you were the person who could help me dive deeper into what was really going on. You guide your clients to the energy and patterns keeping their whole heart hidden.

One of the biggest shifts during our journey was discovering the presence of a huge, ugly wall around my heart that wasn’t even mine. When you guided me to move it, that act felt empowering and palpable. Immediately after, I remember feeling like the sun was flooding in and radiating through me knowing that this is what receiving feels like. I’ve continued to use that image since our session when I start to feel blocked with receiving. At the next level of receiving, you pinpointed the energetic block in my throat. I have a tendency to tamp down the nudge to act, like when Spirit is telling me to speak and I wait until everything is perfect before I open my mouth. I’ve gained courage since then to ask and speak even when things aren’t perfect.

Your Sensation and Compassion magic is so precise! Your body is laser accurate in picking up on the energy that needs attention. You’re the key that helps unlock old energy.

— Veronica Wirth, Founder of EvolvativeTM + The Athena MatrixTM

I was feeling a lot of confusion about my business and needed some time and space where I could be in touch with my own intuition and heart. After our session, I felt a sense of relief. I was able to step into ease and flow and out of analysis paralysis. Dancing came up as a theme and a way to anchor in joy during our session. Ever since then, I play music and dance almost every day. When I dance it brings me back to my joy. It fulfills something in me, moves my body and shifts my energy. You helped me tap into my desire to create a business that feels like a dance. You held me in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental space, which allowed me to check in with myself and go deeper.

– Bonnie McVee, McVee Coaching