Barbara Briguglio head shotAfter a 48-year quest for the perfect weight and body, Barbara Briguglio decided to ditch the diets and heal her relationship with food. She soon discovered that the more she healed herself, the more she wanted to help other people achieve their health goals without dieting. As a holistic health coach and owner of Be Healthy, Etc., Barbara helps people who need to lose a significant amount of weight and who are confused and overwhelmed about how to get it under control.

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What’s your business and why did you decide to become a health coach?

Be Healthy, Etc. was created out of my passion to help others achieve a happy healthy lifestyle.

Having dieted for 48 years without ever achieving the perfect weight and body, I decided to ditch the diet and learn how to heal my relationship with food. The more I healed myself, the more I wanted to help others who believe that another diet will be the solution to their weight issues. I earned my certification as a Health & Wellness coach, focusing on an integrative approach to nutrition.

We are all unique with our own biological individuality. What works for one person may not be the best approach for another. I create a supportive environment that will enable a person to achieve their health goals. Together we discover a program that works for that individual, is sustainable for life and creates a happy, healthy lifestyle.

For some of us, it is a lifelong approach to healthy eating. It takes time, effort and a lot of self-reflection but with the proper attitude, support and coaching, dieting does not have to be a way of life. You can be happy, healthy and love your body with the right support.

What do you most love about working with your clients?

I love to see how happy they become with themselves as they make positive changes in their diets. Helping others to achieve their personal best is so rewarding. The road is not always straight and narrow for them but knowing I can help them stay the course provides a tremendous amount of pleasure for me.

Where were you before we first started working together in the Tell to Sell Story Creation Clinic? What was your business like?

Before the clinic, I was struggling with my message, my story and how I could articulate it. Once I created my story it came to life for me. The positive feedback from you and the group gave me a tremendous amount of confidence in my ability to tell it. I think I was fearful that it wouldn’t read well or resonate with the audience. I now have more confidence and feel I can get out in front of others whether it is to speak, network or teach.

What’s next for Barbara and Be Healthy, Etc.?

I am pursuing a couple of speaking opportunities, putting together a 4-week workshop in my home and have decided to focus on mastering Facebook. Then I will move on to blogging. I’m also ready to start a book about my dieting experience with advice that others can incorporate into their lives. Working with you has helped me find my voice. I feel inspired to step forward and help others.

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