Laurie O’Neil and Marisa da Silva are the co-authors of Terri Luanna da Silva’s inspiring posthumous memoir “Graceful Woman Warrior: A Story of Mindfully Living in the Face of Dying.” Laurie, Terri’s aunt, is a lifelong writer and has devoted her 40-year career in social work to empower, enlighten and engage others in the power of connection. Specializing in grief and loss, she co-developed The Caring Tree Family Grief Program, pioneered anti-bullying programming in the Dartmouth, Massachusetts public schools and is a local activist and speaker. Marisa, Terri’s daughter, is a 10-year-old girl and fifth-grader who writes songs, makes art, has fun, eats candy and honors her mom every day in her own Graceful Woman Warrior way. In this episode of Positive News Now, Laurie and Marisa explore with us the themes of grief, grace, and creativity.

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