Consultants, Creative Entrepreneurs, and Speakers: 

Have you unlocked the fierce power of the story burning inside you?

Stories connect and engage but sometimes bringing the right story to the surface in the right way and at the right time can be a challenge. And it can be downright scary, too. 

Is yours still simmering inside? 

It’s time to unleash the story in your core. I’ll support and guide you through excavation, sculpting, and the transformative process that brings it to life as an integral part of your work in the world.

An Invitation to Craft Your Bold and Powerful Client-Converting Story

Are you ready to ATTRACT, ENGAGE, and CONVERT more of your IDEAL CLIENTS using the power of STORY?

Together we’ll unlock the key to a long-term marketing strategy that empowers you to Raise Your Rates, Get Great Clients and Grow a Business You Actually Love … by wielding the power of personal Story ...

… You … Your STORY … Your Success …

… brought to life through …

… Your Inside Story Intensive

Create Your Client-Converting Story through the Private Inside Story Intensive Program

If you’re no stranger to the challenge of:

  •  Getting clients …
  •  Getting the RIGHT clients …
  •  Getting ENOUGH of the RIGHT clients …
  •  Unpredictable income …
  •  Not commanding the value you’re worth …
  •  And knowing there’s more for you to share to make a difference ...

Welcome! You are in the right place!

Join me and let’s embark on an entrepreneurial adventure to discover and excavate the compelling story that already resides within.

The journey? Your Private Inside Story Intensive.

You'll walk away from this journey with these long-term, business-altering gems:

  •  A powerful personal story that delivers your message to the masses while simultaneously attracting high-end clients, partners, and more visibility
  •  Meaningful, profitable relationships with your ideal clients
  •  A new sense of confidence in your business (and yourself)
  •  and a leveraged marketing asset with huge Return On Investment (ROI).

Higher Rates, Better Clients, and a Business You Love all await you! Let’s Begin the Journey to Unlock the Power of Your Story.

Your Private Inside Story Intensive includes:

Two Private Inside Story Intensive Sessions

Not one, but TWO (2) 60 Minute Private Inside Story Intensive Sessions with me, The Story Stylist! Together we’ll customize, capture, and create your unique, powerful, profitable story.

Two Hours Copywriting & Editing Expertise

Two (2) hours of my copywriting and editing expertise to sculpt and polish your story into one of your most valuable business assets.

Thirty Days Unlimited Email Access

Thirty (30) days unlimited email access to support you through the process.

AND Lifetime Access to the Tell to Sell Story Creation Course which includes:

  • Five (5) Video Training Modules
  • Worksheets, Exercises, and Templates
  • and a Private Facebook Group for an Inside Story Community of Support

All this is available to you at $1497 (or 2 Easy Payments of $760).

About Gayle Nowak, The Story Stylist

“What’s my story?” you may be wondering …

Before I became known as The Story Stylist, I was a journalist and award-winning publicist. I’ve been digging for, reporting on and crafting irresistible stories for more than 20 years.

Stories that sell . . . whether it’s selling newspapers, services, programs or products. I’ve learned what will hook an audience and motivate them to willingly hand over their cold hard cash.

As a former journalist, I uncovered the extraordinary stories of seemingly ordinary people. As a PR executive, I told my clients’ stories to the media, landing them in the national news, resulting in millions of dollars in media exposure, huge visibility, massive growth in their programs and increased revenue. I’ve worked on media events featuring celebrity spokespeople including This Old House personality Steve Thomas, TV Anchor Jane Pauley (that’s us in the photo above) and American Idol finalist Kevin Covais to name a few. I even helped get a client on The Oprah Show. 

Today, I love to help consultants, owners of creative businesss and messengers unlock the story burning inside them so they can increase their impact, revenue and growth -- professionally and personally. Does that sound like you? I hope so because I’d love for you to join me in your Private Inside Story Intensive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Will Gayle work with me one on one?

YES! The Inside Story Intensive includes:

  •  TWO (2) 60 Minute Private Inside Story Intensive Sessions with Gayle
  •  Two (2) hours of Gayle’s copywriting and editing expertise
  •  And thirty (30) days unlimited email access to Gayle to support you through the process.

You’ll also get Lifetime Access to Gayle’s Tell to Sell Story Creation Course and a Private Facebook Group.

Normally priced at $1497, all this is available to you at $997 (or 2 Easy Payments of $525) when you purchase within the next 24 hours.

Even at $1497, this is less than the typical investment to work with Gayle privately.

2. Do I really need Inside Story if I already have a story I use in my marketing?

Many entrepreneurs start with crafting their own story for their website and other marketing materials and some have found other programs that help them to write it. This is different. The Inside Story Intensive is based on my tried and true system to excavate, sculpt, and transform the right story that attracts, engages, and converts more of your ideal clients.

Drawing on my more than 10,000 hours of experience and 20+ year history as a journalist, award-winning publicist, marketing strategist, and entrepreneur, I support you with specific instruction, guidance, and accountability tailored to YOU.

3. I’m not sure I have the time for this right now. How long will it take?

Crafting your powerful, client-converting story does take time. The Inside Story Intensive is designed to help you do this in 30 days. Individual writing time varies and the process involves dedicating at least 5-10 hours over the course of the month. Clients find this time well-spent and the benefits of attracting more ideal clients, raising rates, and making more money seem to far outweigh their investment in the program.

4. I’m not sure this is right for me. Who is this NOT a good fit for?

If you are not an entrepreneur or business owner who delivers programs, products, or services with a burning desire to positively influence and improve other people's lives, The Inside Story Intensive is not for you.

If you are unwilling and uncommitted to explore the inward, self-reflective nature of excavating and sharing your personal story, this program is not for you.

If you’re unsure about how your specific situation relates to this program, please reach out to me at so we can discuss your needs further.

5. What if I purchase the program but I'm not happy with it? Is there a guarantee? 

The Inside Story Intensive does come with a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee. If after studying the contents and implementing the actions steps with Gayle’s support and assistance in the next 30 days, you are not happy with your results, your money will be returned.

6. I still have a question. Are you available to talk?

ABSOLUTELY! I am committed to working with the right people who can benefit from The Inside Story Intensive and I want you to feel confident in your decision to join this program. If this is not the right program for you or the right time for you, perhaps I can also make suggestions. Reach out and let’s chat