You’re raising a family. Running a business. Volunteering. You’re actively involved in your community. Attending business, charity, family events. Maybe there’s a date night or night out with the friends somewhere in there too. Your parents, your siblings, your clients, your home, your team members they all need YOUR help and attention.

You are OH SO BUSY. Going non-stop from one person to another, jam-packed schedule, never-ending to do list. You’ve got it going on. You feel like people notice you, need you even.

What if I told you that being chronically BUSY isn’t doing you or your business any favors, and in fact MAY actually be keeping you INVISIBLE?

When your mind is locked on the to-do list and the demands, that’s what I mean by being BUSY. When you are frantic, rushed and stretched thin, that’s feeling BUSY. When almost everyone — other than YOU — gets your attention, that’s you keeping BUSY. You’re empathic, you have a calling or desire to help people and you do that through your business. You also know that part of your mission is showing up IN and FOR your business (aka BEING VISIBLE).

This is where things can get dicey because, if you’re like me and some of my clients, you may naturally think I’ll be more visible by helping others. So you become the “go to” person in your industry, business and personal life. You’re always asking how you can help out when you’re at a gathering. Client sessions bleed over their time limit. You let people “pick your brain” and “bend your ear.” You easily talk up other people’s businesses and clam up when it’s time to talk about yours.

Being BUSY is so deceptively seductive because at first it makes us feel liked, wanted, needed, successful. I get it because I’ve done this too, and what I know to be true is that when feeling liked/needed & accomplished comes at the cost of neglecting yourself, being BUSY can actually sacrifice your visibility . . .

What can end up happening in that process is that we

  • Tie our value to what we do for others, versus who we truly are
  • Stop speaking up for our dreams, desires, goals and needs
  • Suffocate our authenticity and purpose
  • Stifle our creativity and inner wisdom
  • Drown out our connection to Source/Universe/Higher Self

As New Earth Entrepreneurs, making a difference in another person’s life feels deeply important. We are truly generous souls. That’s why it is so important to make sure we’re advocating just as much for our own priorities, boundaries and dreams as we do for others. And, yes, we live in a modern world where there’s alot to get done, alot to experience and much of it truly makes us feel alive. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the things, which can quickly exhaust us too.

So when it feels heavy and tiring, PAY ATTENTION to that feeling. Then ask yourself

How might it actually serve your business, your VISIBILITY and your clients if you were to prioritize YOU?

If you would like my support on your journey to being authentically seen, heard and received in your business and life, I invite you to sign up for one of my Bold Heart Visibility Breakthrough sessions.

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