Galactic Visionary, Conscious Revolutionary, Light Leader . . .

Successful, High-Vibe Entrepreneur 

How would it feel to crack open the floodgates of universal flow and experience a rush of energy as your deepest desires begin to appear?

Afterall, that is your birthright!

What would be possible when you . . .

  • Trust that your personal, spiritual and entrepreneurial journeys are one and the same?
  • Attract clients who are invested in making change for themselves because they know the impact that change makes on the world?
  • Reap the emotional and financial rewards of your work?

You can spend a lifetime daydreaming about your someday vision, or you can take your next steps toward turning someday into today.

Imagine in just ONE POWERFUL EXPERIENCE, releasing the fears and resistance around your soulful work.

Burying your feelings, holding back, stressing about money, going along to get along . . .

We experience the darkest nights in the brave quest to liberate our true heart and soul.

Yet within those shadowy depths lies your greatest wisdom, passion and abundance.

This is your invitation to start living (on your terms), loving (yourself) and leading (your business) from your heart.

Because when you open your heart . . .

  • You honor, and act on, your truth
  • You make friends with all your feelings
  • You love all aspects of you – the flawed & flawless
  • You are authentically seen & heard
  • Inspiration, motivation & manifestation flow easily to & through you
  • You turbocharge your “superpowers”
  • You feel deeply connected to yourself and source
  • Your calendar fills up with aligned prospects & clients, your soul tribe expands, & dream business opportunities appear, seemingly out of thin air

In other words, you open to everything that lights you up!

The Higher Heart VIP Experience

A truly unique, transformational experience for purposeful, conscious entrepreneurs ready to begin manifesting what wants to be created through you.

Your heart is the catalyst your business, and life, revolves around.

Unlocking it is the KEY to experiencing exponential energetic shifts that allow greater abundance, ease & grace into your work & life.

If you’re ready for the first step toward reclaiming your personal sovereignty and leading change from your heart then . . .

You're invited!

The Higher Heart VIP Experience is for you if:

  • You are a 6+-figure conscious entrepreneur whose business is established and sustainable as you have created it, yet you’re hesitant to shift into the work that fills you with more meaning, purpose, soul and passion
  • You’re an evolved soul. Even though you already have a regular practice around self-mastery and inner work, you worry that some or all of those practices have lost their potency on you, which in turn has impacted the potency of your work with clients
  • In your commitment to raising consciousness and serving the highest good of humanity, you recognize that now is the time to lean on inner wisdom and inspired action versus relying mostly on logic and strategy
  • Because you have a breadth and depth of esoteric knowledge, healing tools and spiritual superpowers, you often draw upon what’s best for your clients and are not married to a specific modality
  • You resonate with terms such as lightbeing, starseed, twinflame and multidimensional, yet you hold back from expressing and integrating those aspects of your essence into your business and life
  • You know your vision is powerful, yet when it comes to owning and taking action on it, you still get pulled into a spiral of doubt
  • You long to lead yourself and your business in a deeper way, yet you sense that old beliefs, childhood wounds and difficult relationships, especially with your mother and/or father, are getting in the way

This VIP experience is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for a quick fix
  • You insist on blaming others for your unhappiness and are not willing to accept your part and do the inner work
  • You have NEVER done any inner work or experienced your own transformation in some way
  • You are turned off by spiritual concepts and the esoteric (tarot/oracle cards, universal law, planetary systems, etc.)
  • You are unwilling to examine and question how social conditioning, religion, schooling, culture and generational belief systems have influenced your decisions and actions
  • You lack empathy, humor and compassion toward yourself and others

No two experiences are the same! Your personalized Higher Heart VIP Experience includes:

Assessment & Intention

A week before your first VIP session, you will receive my signature Talk to Your Heart Assessment, which you will complete before our 60-minute session to open your VIP experience, debrief your assessment and set your intentions.

Higher Heart VIP at Home

From the comfort of your home, we will meet privately for two custom-crafted 2.5-hour sessions via Zoom, one week apart, based on your intentions and channeled wisdom we both receive to help you align your heart with action.


A week after your VIP experience, we will meet again for a 60-minute session via Zoom so you can share your insights and celebrations, receive additional coaching, outline your next steps and close the container of your experience.

AND Email or Text Coaching Throughout the Four Weeks of Your VIP Experience!

After my HIgher Heart VIP Experience, my calendar filled up over the course of a day with appointments ranging from clients wanting to explore the evolution of their work and colleagues who want to collaborate with me to a podcast host who wants to interview me and potential guests I want to interview for my own podcast. In talking with all these people, I feel inspired all over again and fired up about my vision, using my voice and moving forward with my podcast and other new aspects of my work. Talk about the physical evidence of energy moving!

I didn’t even realize that I was quite emotionally shut down but working with Gayle opened up my heart again. Helping me unlock my heart has gotten the energy moving in all areas in my life. It has helped me move forward with my business and open the floodgates so other aspects of my life can change and shift.

- Veronica Wirth, Founder of Evolvative



I'm Gayle Nowak

While many know me for my award-winning marketing work with clients through my agency The Story Stylist, my soul has been orchestrating a series of unexpected twists and turns behind the scenes over the last few years . . .

Leading me to transforming my business through transforming my inner world.

I have more than 22 years of experience helping hundreds of conscious entrepreneurs, holistic business owners and corporate leaders become recognized experts in their field. I also have a life’s worth of experience with self-healing, spiritual awakening and personal transformation.

You may think that the personal and professional aspects of your human experience are independent of each other.

I certainly did.

That is, until I started my own business and began experiencing personal growth, massive healing and energetic expansion at a whole new level.

My big takeaway?

Outer results are a direct reflection of one’s inner world.

In other words . . .

  • Repressed feelings inside? Limited results outside
  • Fear and anxiety inside? Holding back outside
  • Rejecting aspects of yourself? Blocking your abundance
  • Overriding your heart with your mind? Cultivating dissatisfaction in your business and life

As a recovering overachiever, it has taken time, trust and daily inner work to listen to my heart’s guidance, ahead of logic and reason.

Following the intuitive and intellectual wisdom of my heart supports me in making decisions for the greater good and stay in touch with what really matters to my soul.

Connecting with my heart has helped me:

  • Strengthen my commitment to myself and my soul’s purpose, while releasing fears around what others might think
  • FEEL into what I truly want for my business versus what I THINK I SHOULD desire
  • Surround myself with advanced souls who are committed to raising the vibration of the planet, and lovingly release those who negatively impact my work and wellbeing
  • Heal and release a significant amount of hidden childhood trauma, and maintain a more positive emotional state regardless of circumstances
  • Tune out distractions so I can stay focused on what’s most important for my soul’s work
  • Regularly purge disempowering thoughts that hinder my work, and replace them with empowering beliefs that propel me and my business forward

My passion is supporting you in experiencing these results too!

The reality is . .

Most people dismiss the conflict within them.

They stay silent, avoid hard conversations and settle for less.

Walking through the fire of your soul’s mission is hard. Healing work is hard.

So is stagnancy. Disconnection. Repressing your wants and needs in your business and life.

Without guidance and help it’s easy to hide away in your chronically uncomfortable comfort zone.


You can resolve to move forward in your next evolution of work and leadership, own what’s true in your heart, and commit to being seen and heard in all your glory.