Consultants, Creative Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners : 

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking for an easier path to growing your business and high-quality clients. 

The kind of clients who are easy to work with (e.g., follow your advice, respond to your requests, respect deadlines, appreciate your work) & pay all (or most) your fee upfront, without pressuring you to drop your rates.  

You’re probably also looking to bring some sanity, efficiency & better productivity into your business life so you can have better quality in your personal life!  

You’ve got clients, you’re making money, you provide excellent service &/or products. You consider yourself an innovator and expert in your field. You’re on the verge of your next stage of growth, but know you need to be more proactive, more strategic & more protective of your boundaries.  

And you probably already know that private, personal consulting is the best way to ensure highly customized, precision-crafted & powerful marketing.  


Because there are low-impact, low-profit land mines in EVERY marketing project so having experienced eyes to SEE them will prevent you from trying to implement all your exciting ideas only to get half-baked results.  

When you let a seasoned marketing consultant into the hidden nooks & crannies of your business, you actually see your best ideas come to life & make money. You get to focus on only the right money-making projects for the right clients at the right time.  

An Invitation to Create a Focused & Customized Marketing Stategy That Will Help You 3x (or More) Your Business.  

If you’re done chasing after the “hot” marketing idea of the week & need a marketing strategy you can surround with any set of tactics . . .

. . . Or you’ve got an opportunity to expand your visibility (speaking opportunity, media interview, book launch, conference) & you need to nail it but don’t even know where to start.  

. . . Or you want to launch a marketing campaign for a new offer.  

. . . Or you're ready for more advanced visibility & lead-generating activities (media appearances, content marketing, event marketing)  

The best option for you is probably Fearless Focus.  

Sharpen & Streamline Your Marketing through the Private Fearless Focus Program

If you’re no stranger to the challenge of:

  •  Getting ENOUGH of the RIGHT clients …
  •  Unpredictable income …
  •  Not commanding the value you’re worth …
  •  Lots of exciting ideas, little execution ...
  •  Saying "yes" to every request & opportunity, even if it's not in total alignment ...
  •  Working yourself to the bone ...

You are in the right place!

Let’s roll up our sleeves together and hammer out a plan that allows you to FOCUS fearlessly on ONLY the right money-making projects for the right clients at the right time!  

This Is Your Private Fearless Focus Intensive.

We’ll meet in person or videoconference to analyze your most pressing marketing concern, discuss the best possible solutions, & create a focused, simple & DOABLE plan that fits your goals, priorities & personality.  

With expert advice, you streamline your path to results & take your business where you know it can go.  

Some of the private sessions I’ve had with clients covered:

  • Defining &/or refining target audiences
  • Creating strong brand positioning in your market  
  • Identifying & selecting the high potential marketing approaches for you, your company & your clients
  • Identifying effective lead generation & nurturing strategies to turn browsers into (repeat) buyers
  • Designing a marketing action plan to turn your ideas into results
  • Developing consistent, compelling marketing messages & materials across all channels
  • Identifying & selecting the best pricing strategies/models for greater revenue & ease

Less Work, More Money and a Business You Love all await you! Let’s Begin the Journey to Sharpen & Streamline Your Marketing.

Your Private Fearless Focus Intensive includes:

Private Half-Day Fearless Focus Intensive Session

4-Hour Private Fearless Focus Intensive Session with me! Together we will evaluate, strategize and create your elegant, powerful and profitable marketing strategy.

Written Recommendations & Private Follow Up Session

A written report of recommendations with your custom and prioritized lead-generating, client-converting action plan for the next 90 days. Plus, a BONUS private 60-minute walk-through call with me to get answers to any follow up questions and finalize your plan.

(Optional) Add-On Support for Swift Results

Get a preferred client incentive when you hire me for ongoing consulting to help you execute your plan.  

Because of my workload and personal schedule, these sessions are limited and I only book two per month. If you’re ready to move forward with your business, click the button below to start the conversation.

I'm no longer overwhelmed . . . This has been so freeing for me!

Before Fearless Focus, I was challenged with too many marketing ideas, not enough time. I didn’t want more blueprints, templates or learning. I needed Gayle’s expertise in marketing strategy, messaging & project management to help me take my business where I want it to go. 

After my intensive, I now have complete clarity on my priorities -- from preparing for launches, speaking & exhibiting at a conference with 900 attendees & ongoing client work. Gayle even helped me fit it all in with my daughter’s school vacation (what a HUGE relief)! I’m no longer overwhelmed with half-executed awesome ideas because I know which projects lead to the best results. Everything else is an easy ‘no’ or ‘not now’. This has been so freeing for me!

Wendy Sabin Wealth Leadership Expert,  

Soooo ready for these amazing changes . . .

Jeannine O'Neill Founder and Email Marketing Strategist, JO Social Branding