Galactic Visionary, Conscious Revolutionary, Light Leader . . .

Successful, New Earth Entrepreneur 

Do you feel as if now, more than ever, everything that we're facing in the world is what YOU have been preparing for?

For years, decades, maybe even lifetimes?

You've been helping people from the first day you began your business, yet even after all these years you still wonder whether you are truly ready to fully show up and shine. Especially when it comes to promoting your work, asking for support, prioritizing your needs and talking about money.

This may have made you start:

  • Shrinking, silencing and hiding because you're worried that your truth might hurt others
  • Feeling afraid that you'll make a mistake, or do or say something "wrong"
  • Judging yourself for not doing more, going faster or being where you believe your business should be
  • Over-functioning, over-giving and hustling to "prove" your value
  • Doubting and discounting your unique magic
  • Procrastinating and striving for perfection to avoid activities that will truly move the needle on your business

You're answering the call to serve, yet the roadblocks in your business keep showing up, leaving you feeling disappointed and drained.

If you are a mission-led entrepreneur with a sacred business who is ready to feel aligned with your higher self and lead from that place, I have a provocative question for you.

What if those roadblocks are here to help you answer a different call?

The call of your heart.

Because here's the thing . . . your heart will lead you to your deepest truths. It might not make sense. You may not want to "go there" at first, yet you know that ignoring its whispers (or shouts) is no longer working for you.

How would you show up and be seen differently when you dare to listen to your heart this time? For all time?

Welcome to Bold Heart Visibility

Are you tired of thinking about being visible only to find yourself procrastinating, striving for perfection or censoring yourself?

Imagine instead . . .

  • Breaking through the fears and resistance holding you back from courageously showing up, sharing your heart, unleashing your voice and being well-compensated for your soulful, fulfilling work.
  • Honoring and speaking your truth, even when it's vulnerable and scary
  • Receiving interview and speaking inquiries from event planners, summit organizers and radio hosts who seek you out
  • Working with committed clients who flock to your workshops, programs and retreats, and rave to their own clients and colleagues about you
  • Aligning your marketing with your soul and stepping fully into high-vibe visibility with confidence and ease
  • Becoming a recognized leader for your visionary, pioneering 5D work

The reason this hasn't happened yet may have much more to do with the state of your heart and less to do with your motivation or marketing strategy. Because when your heart is closed and wounded, you shut yourself off. You struggle to hear and trust your inner wisdom. You give over your power and you miss key opportunities.

You're not alone and it doesn't have to stay this way.

When you open your heart . . .

  • You honor and act on your truth, which magnetizes your audience
  • You make friends with all your feelings, making it easier for you to discern the business strategies that light you up and let go of those that weigh you down
  • You know and value who you are, and the right people instantly see and feel that from you
  • You are willing to speak freely about what matters to you, even when other people may not be willing to talk about it or hear it
  • You release "chase," "fix," and "save" patterns from your business practices and personal energetic field as you shift into greater trust, receiving and flow
  • You reconnect with the infinite waters of your Soul to experience deep growth, love and guidance every step of your entrepreneurial and visibility journey
  • You are authentically seen and heard. Your message leaves a resounding and lasting impact on your followers, fans, clients, team, partners and colleagues
  • Your calendar fills up with your best prospects and clients, your soul tribe expands, and dream business opportunities appear, seemingly out of thin air

In other words, you open to unlimited possibilities!

The Bold Heart Visibility VIP Experience

You can let another month go by thinking about how you want to shine in this new, evolving world . . .

Or you can step into the highest expression of yourself at this time and break free from the wounds and old story keeping you unseen and silenced.

If you're an accomplished New Earth Leader already on your journey to facilitate healing, transformation and ascension for humanity, you're invited to become the visible visionary you were meant to be starting with this powerful visibility breakthrough experience.

I'm Gayle Nowak

While many know me for my expert positioning and publishing work through my award-winning agency The Story Stylist, my soul has been orchestrating a series of unexpected twists and turns behind the scenes to dive deeper . . .

Twists and turns that have caused some of my clients, colleagues and closest friends and family to say I'm brave, strong and inspiring.

Those statements wouldn’t be the whole truth. 

You see, I used to channel much of my focus and energy into running from a painful past. But my soul’s mission to help New Earth entrepreneurs and leaders anchor your light and ignite your mission has shown me that healing childhood wounds, clearing karma and buried trauma, integrating the shadow self, and bringing the soul back into alignment accelerates your ability to step into your visibility far more than strategy alone.

Your entrepreneurial journey IS a healing journey. One that can ultimately lead to a world full of happy, loving souls when you dare to listen to your heart and surrender to your soul's calling.

Awakening and activating my heart has helped me:

  • Strengthen my commitment to being visible with my mission, while releasing fears around what others might think or say
  • Feel safe, grounded, comfortable and fully expressed in my body
  • Make my needs and desires matter -- with myself first, then with others
  • Embody my feminine essence and presence
  • Transmute triggers quickly, maintain a more positive emotional state and ground into a higher energy frequency
  • Magnetize positive experiences, events and results into my life
  • Cultivate empowering beliefs that propel my business forward
  • Establish and express energetic and personal boundaries
  • Expand my capacity to trust my soul and trust in life
  • Step into my magic and transform my business!

My passion is to support you in experiencing your own aligned, enriching results too!

Today, through my retreats and workshops, I create space for clients like you to open up, share from your whole heart and courageously reveal the true YOU.

In other words, I help you get real about your “feels,” because only then can you find the story, message and marketing that best positions you and your magic. That's your most powerful point to transition into the practical, where I'll guide and support you in the next best steps to create the kind of visibility that feeds you rather than drains (or terrifies) you.

I do my own deep work daily. Yes, I do this for me, and I do it for you too, so I can hold compassionate, non-judgmental space for your transformation. Not only have I helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, healers and visionaries be visible, I stay visible too! I've appeared on dozens of newspaper, TV and radio news websites across the country. I've been featured several times in my hometown paper the Beverly Citizen, as well as in the Boston Herald and Boston Voyager Magazine. I'm the creator and host of the online radio show Positive News Now and a contributor to TED-Ed, Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine. In other words, when we come together you receive a container that includes compassion, healing, truth and practical guidance for your evolving journey.

This VIP Experience is for you if . . .

  • You are a New Earth leader/entrepreneur committed to your inner and outer journey
  • You are ready to dedicate your time, focus and energy on creating or acing the visibility-boosting opportunity that's currently up for you
  • You have a regular practice around self-mastery and inner work, yet you sense that old beliefs, childhood wounds and ancestral patterns are still getting in the way
  • You long to work in a way that blends your heart's wisdom with practical business guidance
  • Your business is established and sustainable as you've created it, yet you need support to unleash your true voice and magic
  • You resonate with terms such as New Earth, 5D, ascension, healer, lightworker, starseed, twin flame and multidimensional, yet you hold back from expressing and integrating those aspects of your essence into your business
  • You'd love to feel received and supported in a safe presence as you shift into your new energy
  • You want to nurture more alignment, presence and honesty with your team
  • You're working with another coach, healer, teacher or service provider and would like a fresh perspective on the work you're doing and/or the results you're getting with them

This VIP Experience is NOT for you if . . .

  • You're unwilling to do the actual inner work needed to break through the old patterns keeping you stuck
  • You are looking for a shortcut, magic pill or easy fix
  • You have NEVER experienced your own transformation in some way
  • You blame others for what's not working for you
  • You are turned off by esoteric concepts and tools (universal law, planetary influences, tarot/oracle cards, crystals, pendulums, etc.)
  • You are unwilling to examine and question how social conditioning, religion, schooling, culture and generational belief systems have influenced your decisions and actions
  • You lack empathy, humor and compassion toward yourself and others

Spots are limited! Your personalized Bold Heart Visibility VIP Experience includes:

Energy Healing & Human Design Sessions

Before your VIP day sessions, we will open your experience with a 75- to 90-minute Feel + Flow Healing session, during which we tune into the energy of your body to discover where you are, or have been, holding blocks to receiving what is divinely yours. You'll also receive a separate 90-minute Business Breakthrough Human Design Session with me and Human Design Coach Rebecca Tervo.

Virtual Bold Heart Visibility VIP Sessions

From the comfort of your home, we will meet privately via Zoom for a custom-crafted day (5 hours), or two 2.5-hour sessions scheduled one week apart. We kick off with setting your intentions and debriefing your assessments and insights, then move into your visibility breakthrough based on the channeled wisdom you and I receive.

Celebrate & Integrate Session

A week after your VIP session(s), we will meet again for a 60-minute session via phone or Zoom so you can share your insights and celebrations, receive additional coaching, begin to integrate your new energy into your reality and outline your next steps to rise into greater visibility.

PLUS Audio Coaching Via Voxer or WhatsApp Throughout Your Experience & BONUS Admission to a Sage SensationTM group retreat in 2022!

After my Bold Heart Visibility VIP Experience, my calendar filled up over the course of a day with appointments ranging from clients wanting to explore the evolution of their work and colleagues who want to collaborate with me to a podcast host who wants to interview me and potential guests I want to interview for my own podcast. In talking with all these people, I feel inspired all over again and fired up about my vision, using my voice and moving forward with my podcast and other new aspects of my work. Talk about the physical evidence of energy moving!

I didn’t even realize that I was quite emotionally shut down but working with Gayle opened up my heart again. Helping me unlock my heart has gotten the energy moving in all areas in my life. It has helped me move forward with my business and open the floodgates so other aspects of my life can change and shift.

- Veronica Wirth, Founder of EvolvativeTM & the Athena MatrixTM



The reality is . . .

Without support, your internal roadblocks will continue to derail your visibility and your business, keeping what wants to be alive in the dark.

You can choose to be in the exact same place you are a year from now . . .


You can change your approach and breakthrough the feelings of anxiety and isolation. Shine boldly as the powerful lighthouse, change agent and visionary you are destined to be.

Carrying out you soul’s mission, transcending your old patterns and wounds, and running a business takes the infinite strength of your heart.

You do not have to do it alone.

It is my honor to hold you, hear you and see you as you show up powerfully, share your true heart and courageously promote your soul's work. The world is waiting for you.