Consultants, Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners : 

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking for an easier path to generating pre-qualified leads and getting high-quality clients. 

The kind of clients who are easy to work with (e.g., follow your advice, respond to your requests, respect deadlines, appreciate your work) & pay all (or most) your fee upfront, without pressuring you to drop your rates.  

You’re probably also looking to bring some sanity, efficiency & better productivity into your business life so you can have better quality in your personal life!  

You’ve got clients, you’re making money, you provide excellent service &/or products. You consider yourself an innovator & expert in your field. 

Yet standing out in the ever-increasing noisy, crowded marketplace feels like a constant drain on your time, energy & resources. 

You're ready to be recognized as an expert in your field, but you also know that you want to be leveraged & strategic in HOW you stand out in our digital attention span economy. 

And you probably already know that nothing elevates your visibility & authority like being a published author.  


Because it's one of the most powerful ways to educate, & advocate for, the success of others while allowing your audience to determine your expert status for themselves.  

Introducing Our Authority Advantage Expert Lead Magnet Publishing Service  

When you have the right type of book, you can address your best prospects most common fears, misconceptions and barriers to buying . . . before you even get on the phone with them.

The book is in a very unique format that is specifically designed to start the sales conversation with your perfect prospects. Think of it almost like an introductory meeting you’d have with your perfect prospect. Some call it a “strategy session” or a “free consultation”.

This is that meeting in a short, easy-to-read book that you can print for a little more than the cost of a brochure and hand out to prospective clients.

People who are already looking for the solution you provide want to know more about you & how your knowledge & services can benefit them. We break it down for them into bite-sized sections that answer your prospects most common questions, fears, misconceptions & obstacles that you can help them with.

Your prospects are like you, they don’t have the time to read another business book. That's why your expert lead magnet book will be laser-focused on answering those questions in an easy-to-read format.  

And because it is a short book, it will be affordable to print & easy to hand out to prospective clients & customers in your community, conferences, or even mail to them.

Don't worry if you think can't write or don't know anything about creating a book:  

I have access to a unique & proven formula for creating the content for this special style of book - even if you aren't a writer.  

The core content of the book will consist of the information you would share in a 60 to 90 minute Q&A session with your perfect prospect.  

We'll collaborate with you on the topic for your book, develop an outline and walk you through our interview process using our specific framework. 

My team will handle all the transcription, editing, interior layout, cover design, and publishing process.

All you need to do is bask in your brilliance, answer some question and have fun with it!

We'll of course want and need your input and feedback on the topic, cover design and final stamp of approval but . . .

You won't need to write a single word!

I have several people who I've been in contact with over the years who have renewed interest in my work since I sent them my book. This week is full of meetings with prospects and referrals! The momentum for my business has changed for the better.

- Chris Booth, Principal of Booth Business Consulting 

Let’s play together & create a lead-generating asset that pays for itself almost instantly . . . & continues to pay off for you for the foreseeable future  

This Is Your Authority Avantage Expert Lead Magnet.

Here's how it works: 

We’ll schedule a quick 20-30 minute call to brainstorm & strategically select the topic of your book so it supports your specific business goals. 

Once we have the topic, our system immediately generates the ideas needed to move forward with creating the outline and rest of the content for your book. 

Then we schedule & record your 60-90 minute interview (this is the fun part), where you get to show up & shine like the expert you are. 

While you focus on your highest & best use of your skills & time, we turn all that interview magic into a lead-generating, authority-positioning asset that you will use from this point forward.  

You're Spent a Lifetime Honing Your Expertise. Now is the Time to Leverage It So Your Business Supports You.

Your Authority Advantage Publishing Package includes:

Book Topic Brainstorm & Stategy Session

20-30 minute private phone session with Gayle! Together we will evaluate, strategize and select your best expert lead magnet book topic.

Recorded Interview with a Professional Journalist

A 60-90 minute interview with Gayle or a member of her team. We generate the interview questions, so you know exactly what to expect during the interview. You will be in the hands of a professional, capable interviewer with years of journalism experience. 

Done-for-You Publishing 

We transcribe & edit your interview, then format your content into our book layout & book cover templates. We'll publish the final book electronically & provide you with your own private link to order physical books on demand!  

Because of my workload and personal schedule, I'm only accepting six action takers to work with. If you’re ready to move forward with your expert lead magnet book, click the link above to get in the queue &/or explore package options.